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Dale Chihuly in Seattle Glass

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Dale Chihuly is an American sculptor who works primarily in glass. He was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1941. He was introduced to glass while studying interior design at the university of Washington and in 1965, he enrolled in the first glass program at the University of Wisconsin. Later went on to Rhode Island School of Design to continue his studies and there he established a glass program that he taught for more than ten years. Chihuly first worked with glass in weaving workshop in 1963, where he incorporated shards of colored glass into a tapestry. He received an award from Seattle Weavers guild for this work the following year.

Chihuly is considered the first to use blown glass in large scale sculpture. His major series include, Cylinders and Baskets 1970 s, Sea forms, Macchia, Venetians, and Persians, 1980 s. Also, Niijima Floats, Chandeliers in the 1990 s and finally Fiori in the 2000’s.

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Moreover, he mentions, I think that an artist knows, often when they’ve hit on something. In fact, an artist can’t move ahead, or go on unless they have that feeling. Sometimes, you might have to fool yourself that you’re doing something important, unless you can make something important, you can’t continue by Dale Chihuly. His work is truly spectacular, as I mentioned previously I enjoy art with bright colors and just eye catcher. I would defiantly consider attending to his gallery in Seattle.

One of the reasons I enjoyed was the way they worked in groups. Usually an artist works individually. As the quote mentions, I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in a way they have never experienced by Chihuly he accomplished his goal by making the public speechless by his work of art. By touring his gallery online I’m astonished can just visualize how it is during the day and even at night.

As an artist, Dale Chihuly pioneered glassworks into the realm of fine arts. As he still alive today he still involved deeply in his arts, even though a car crash in 1976 left him with one eye. Where can you find his work? Chihuly’s work is included in over 200 museums around the world, and he has received many awards for his efforts in the region of glassworks. One of his pieces is located at Catalina Island which is not very far from us. Although, I want to experience and see the Glasshouse Sculpture in person located in Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle.


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