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Dandy or Macho?

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What is the relationship between modern man and beauty today? Has the approach remained the same as in the past, or have men developed a different sensitivity to the care of the body and its image? If once the excessive self-care was synonymous with dandyism, at best, today it goes through the recovery of ancient rituals, like the reborn barber shops and new attention to the skin care universe, as economic data demonstrate.

There is an increase in the attention of the male towards those aesthetic problems of skin well-being that previously were phenomena reserved almost exclusively for women. We think that, to understand the increasing male grooming interest, that we need to try to describe whom a modern man might be. This is a challenging task since interpretations are quite numerous: they vary from the “modern macho man” to man’s identity crisis. Among the hundreds of descriptions we like the one given by Nathan S. Sanders in “The modern man”.

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“Is the modern man a savage or a gentleman? A hunter or a philosopher? A manual laborer or a technophile? In today’s culture the modern man must be all of these. The modern man must be adaptable. Never before has the burden upon men in any society been greater than in today’s modern culture. We must be fathers, husbands, lovers, laborers, spiritual leaders, fighters, hunters, farmers, defenders and protectors. Although the definition of a man will never change, the definition of what is modern will change. At the very core of man-regardless of his socioeconomic position in life – is the desire to be hunter, gatherer, lover, protector and provider. Society today, technology and our ever-evolving culture has dictated to us how we do those things. Many of these changes are for the better. Misogyny and a boastful machismo attitude is looked down upon in our society and culture today. It is far overdue for these actions of weakness and insecurity be done away with, however the pendulum can often swing too far in one direction if we allow it. The modern man must walk a fine line today of strength, character and determination wrapped neatly with meekness, humility and servant leadership by example”. (Nathan S. Sanders – The modern man)


the beard phenomenon, which in recent years has characterized the male universe, does not subside, but evolves into new and more sophisticated forms, starting with care, which becomes a rewarding and refined experience thanks to new products such as definition gels, balms and butter softeners and specific and high quality detergents that introduce new gestures in grooming, alongside the traditional shaving. Products, treatments and accessories reserved for the most demanding and

aware men, who tend to favor the face and to identify in a perfect shave or in an impeccable beard the unmistakable sign of their style.


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