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Dangers of Social Media

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As that deafening bell wails through the large hallways in the high school, hundreds of students begin walking out of their classrooms with their backpacks strapped tightly around their shoulders and their cell phones glued to their hand, scrolling through social media. In today’s society, it is not uncommon for most, if not all, high school students to have a smartphone and at least one social media account. Whether it be Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, social media is rapidly taking over the world and creating a plethora of underlying dangers such as addiction, distraction, and loneliness.

Social media use, especially for young teenagers, is incredibly addicting. For most people, scrolling through their social media account is the first thing they do when they wake up in the morning and the last thing they do before they fall asleep at night. The issue with social media addiction becomes especially problematic when the person is constantly checking their cell phone while at school, work, or someplace like the movie theatre. In fact, many individuals would not be able to go a whole day without checking their phone at least once. As humans, we have become so reliant on our phones and social media that anytime our phones light up with a notification, it is almost instinct to check it immediately.

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In addition to social media being addictive, another danger is that it is incredibly distracting. For most people, if their cell phone is placed beside them when trying to do something productive, it is extremely tempting to pick it up and begin scrolling through Twitter. For students, more often than not, an assignment that should take 30 minutes will take multiple hours because of the constant distraction provided by social media. Furthermore, cell phones can even be distracting when walking. People looking down at their phones as they are walking can cause them to trip, run into other people, fall down flights of stairs, or even get hit by cars.

The third danger of social media is that is can lead to loneliness in social situations. Many people, when in social settings, will be so focused on scrolling through their Instagram feed that they will be not be engaged in what is going on around them. As a military child, I know first-hand how uncomfortable it can be, when surrounded by a bunch of people you do not know, and how easy it is to just stay hidden behind the cell phone. Nevertheless, secluding oneself in a social setting where you are supposed to make new friends, leads to loneliness and feelings of being left out.

Social media has dangerous aspects because it is addicting, distracting, and can lead to increased feelings of loneliness. Though it is true, social media does contain some positive characteristics, it definitely has negative ones as well. Today’s society is so dependent on cell phones and how many likes or retweets a picture we post can get that we are truly blinded by these dangerous and potentially serious issues that come from social media.


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