Dangers of Technology: Will Come Soft Rains Analysis

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“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”. This quote is said by Albert Einstein, he believed people were becoming invested and too addicted to technology. Now that it is the year 2022, we see that his words are now becoming actions and true, new technology is being invented and most of us are all for it, we are becoming lazy and losing our humanity. This resembles the dangers of technology which is portrayed in the short story “There Will Come to Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury, which is about a house that is programmed to run by itself and continues to do so, even though the family had died. Bradbury uses the plot to express how technology is becoming dangerous because it is rapidly getting better and how it will not need humans to perform tasks, 

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The short story “There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury depicts the dangers of technology in the future. The story’s setting is very gloomy because one of the “characters” is a vacant house with no one living inside it since the owners of the “smart” house died as a result of a nuclear bomb. The house represents how technology is taking over the lives of human beings and how it is doing everything for them. Despite being a “smart” home, the house was not able to save the lives of the owners when the nuclear bomb occurred, which was a result of technology. When the owners died, the house continued to do its daily routine because it was programmed to do so. The house did not care if the people were there or not because even if they were dead, technology keeps on going as if nothing ever happened, which is terrifying. This is shown in the story, “The morning house lay empty. The clock ticked on, repeating and repeating its sounds into the emptiness”.  This illustrates how human beings are not essential to technology, for it to continue doing what it is meant to do. Therefore, Bradbury uses the house to symbolize the potency and dangers of advanced technology, by explaining how people are useless to technology but very dependent on it. Technology doesn’t need us, but we need it because advanced technology is our future.

In conclusion. This story expresses the same fear regarding technology and its dangers of it. The author used the incidents of some type of nuclear weapon to show how it is all created because of advanced technology and how it results in destroying the inhabitants of “smart” houses. This proves and illustrates how advanced technology is a result of the loss of mankind and humanity. In conclusion, the reader can learn some crucial lessons from the story. In the short story “There Will Come Soft Rains” readers can learn that no matter how advanced technology will become, it will not save us from the future. The story describes the potential harms of technology like nuclear weapons, and technology not needing people to do what they’re meant to do.      

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