Danny Amendola Biography, Wife Or Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Body Stats

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Danny Amendola Biography, Wife Or Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Body Stats

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  • Danny Amendola Biography
  • Wife or Girlfriend
  • Height, Weight, Body Stats
  • Interesting Facts About Him

Very few American footballers who start off as undrafted players go ahead to make it to the top of the game and play for the big teams. Danny Amendola is one of such few players and here you are going to learn all about him, his biography, partner and every other thing we found of interest about the wide receiver.

Danny Amendola Biography

Daniel James Amendola was born on November 2nd, 1985, as a son to Willie Amendola, (father) and Rose Amendola (mother), and has as his elder sibling Matt Amendola who played college football for Baylor University.

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Danny got schooled at The Woodlands High School in The Woodlands, Texas where his footballing skills were groomed by coach Weldon Willig. The kid led his high school team to its first-ever Texas state championship game though they lost to North Shore High School. Danny signed off his senior season with 1,045 receiving yards, 129 rushing yards, and 8 delightful touchdowns.

"The Lone Star State" lad began his college career in earnest at Texas Tech University in 2004 where he majored in Communication Studies. His best college season turned out to be his senior year when he posted 109 catches for 1,245 yards with a total of 6 touchdowns. In all, his college career saw him record a cumulative of 204 receptions for 2,246 yards with 15 touchdowns. Danny Amendola, however, didn't complete his studies in Texas Tech as he left in eagerness to train for the NFL Combine.

Contrariwise to his expectations, he wasn't drafted as he had to join the Dallas Cowboys on April 27, 2008, as an undrafted free agent. Then came his hard time in finding a place in the team as he spent the entire 2008 season tucked in the team's practice squad with no pigskin sports action. By the end of his one-year contract, he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles and made it to the teams practice squad on January 6, 2009. He was tossed off and on from the practice squad and yet again saw no action, thus he left for the St. Louis Rams to salvage his career.

It was with the St. Louis Rams that Danny Amendola first saw NFL action beginning in the 2009 season. He started 10 games in the 2010 season which was an improvement from 2 in the previous season, he also led the league in all-purpose yards with 2,364, 689 yards on 85 receptions,81 yards on 7 rushing attempts, 1,142 yards on 50 kickoff returns, and 452 yards on 40 punt returns.

At this stage of his career, Danny Amendola would make a big money move. Following the exit of Wes Welker from New England Patriots to the Denver Broncos, Amendola was signed hours afterward in a five-year contract worth $28.5 million which had $10 million guaranteed. He began playing with his new team starting from the 2013 and by 2014 they won Super Bowl XLIX in a 28–24 victory match against the Seattle Seahawks where Danny recorded 5 catches for 48 yards, and a touchdown.

On March 15, 2018, Amendola signed a new contract with the Miami Dolphins that would last for two years.

Wife or Girlfriend

Danny Amendola is reported to have once had a crush on Carmen Electra his then middle school soulmate, the relationship just like many others that happen at that age didn't last long. Next came Kay Adams the Good Morning Football host who he also dated briefly before they called it quits or rather we heard nothing much about it again.

In March 2016, the wide receiver was reported to be dating beautiful model, actor and former Miss USA 2012 and Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo. The two were said to have met a few years ago before emotions gradually built up between them and it was no longer a rumor when they were spotted at Coachella in spring 2016 as a couple.

Nevertheless, hearts were broken when Culpo announced in March 2018 that what brought and held them together had departed them and they were no longer together. But after three months of being apart, the pair entered the list of "on-again couples" after they were reported to be "popping up" as a couple in Ibiza around June. Things between them have since then been going well and we do hope that it will continue that way. They are not yet married.

Height, Weight, Body Stats

Danny Amendola stands at a height of 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m) and weighs 190 lb (86 kg). His other body stats like his biceps, waist and arm measurement are not available currently, but we all know that he spots an athletic build at least for the sports he plays.

Interesting Facts About Him

Danny Amendola became the first NFL player to be signed by Ford Models when he signed a contract to be represented by the agency in July 2017.

He has a net worth of about $8 million and reportedly earns about $6 million annually.

The footballer is also a good tennis player.

He enjoys watching the show Married With Children and is a fan of Conor McGregor.

Danny enjoys Nutella sandwich with peanut butter.

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