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Davis Guggenheim’s Waiting for Superman. Movie Review

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A positive documentary film called Waiting for “Superman”, impact on me as a parent and a student, but mostly as a student. The movie shows how the education system limits the opportunity for a better future for students. John F. Kennedy our thirty-fifth President of the USA quote, “let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation.” The director Davis Guggenheim discus positive and negative views about the education system Davis Guggenheim inform us in the film how education system has changed from the historic views. Question, we ask as students is what is the change that is being made in the education system today? Given that, as a parent and a student I want what’s best for me and my family. In the film, Davis Guggenheim demonstrations how young children are receiving an education base on waiting list just to determine if students can attend a well-educated school where students can receive a better education Davis Guggenheim showed a great illustrate the differences between the well-educated schools, such as public schools and charter schools. Public and charter schools were known as a best school to put your child in. Davis Guggenheim used great visualization statics, as well as the detail interviews he had with children as well as parents, even education historic information that Davis Guggenheim included in the film.

One of the visualization is the children’s views on education. Davis Guggenheim use Anthony and Daisy, one of the children in the movie tells about their experiences trying to have a better education for them. Daisy shares her testimony how she to makes your dream into a reality. Daisy made a big step in your young life, as seeing the future brighter; she applied for a college that she wants to attend. These children have a goal that is set, even though the trails tribulations that we face, it is good to know children at the age of 10-14 years old want to get the proper education that is require.

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Mr. Davis Guggenheim, use the parents’ point of views on the education system and how they want wants best for their child. Having including the parents point a view is a good way for viewers to see how the education system effect people not only children, but as well as parents. As for me as a parent that is number one goal to do is to get a better future for my family and myself, I can’t provide for no one if I can’t provide for myself. These parents in the movie had showed me that through the hard times you have to keep your faith in God. Daisy had a lot of support from her mom as well as her teacher. Davis Guggenheim point out that the motivation that we show towards the students and within ourselves the education system would have a better outcome, but it is the change that we need to be made.

Last visual statics that Davis Guggenheim included in the film was the historic views. Our formal president George Bush and the presidents even our current president Obama want what’s best in the education system which is to bring the rate up. Statics states in the movie that, “in 1971 has grown $43 more than nine thousand for students.” The education system doubles since 1961 the test standards had dropped. Standardized test such as math, science, and English. Students try to make it through with getting better grades and higher test scores to move to a higher education or education level. Francisco in the movie stats that, “he likes math, and he likes school.” Children have the mindset of what they want to do. It’s the motivation that the children have. Francisco’s mother want the best, if she has to have two to three jobs, he is going to college” Francisco’s mother said. In January 1992 it was time for a change for the education system. George Bush made a bill for students to attend any school and have the funds, and skills that are needed. He made a bill called No Child Left Behind. In statics every state or country the standardize testes are lower than ever before.

Overall the entire movie waiting for “Superman” had a positive effect on me, and others. We all have expectation for ourselves. The movie shows there needs to be some improvements on the education system, and how we going to make the change. The movie shows a lot of visual and several testimonies aspect on the education system. On how it is going down and where the changes needed to be made. It’s good to know the historic and the back ground of the education system and who made the change for the better of the children. But the impact of the motivation that was shown in the movie was the big thing that stood out to me as a parent and a student. Reason is to have the better education you’ll need the motivation. The director input a lot of positives and negatives towards education system, he included that how the test scores were low and there is a change that needed to be made. The “Superman” is within ourselves, we have to make the change!!!


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