The Importance of Picking a Certified Daycare for Children

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Finding Child Care Growing up in a family that owns daycares I had no choice but to get into the business. I meet a lot of people who does not really understand the dangers, of not picking the right person to do daycare for their child. So many people pick because the hours they are open. Or how the daycare looks. They never pick one because how the child feels or how they feel. Finding child care is important to me because in today’s society you can not just leave your child with everyone.

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Parents need making sure that the person is certified for the services you want and making sure you know one to two people who have used this service in the past year to six months. When I was younger my mom stayed home for 2 years, before going to back to worked. My mom opened her own daycare back in 1998, so you can say I was born into the family busines. When the child’s mother or father would come in they would always say, “I do not trust everybody or thing with my child or children.” My mother would tell them her background stroy. Opening to the parents would help then understand the value of having someone watching their child.

Not everyone is good at being a childcare provider, they would need to have a certain characteristic patience, understanding (McDuffie, 2018), and a caregiver spirit. Never go into picking a daycare blindfiled, it’s always good to do you research before coming. However, they childcare provider can go over a schedule that works best for the childcare provider, the parent, and the child. Its our job to make it easiesr for the child to convert to being away from the parent. So, the mother or father can do whatever they need to do while the child is with us. When my mother would conduct interviews, she would have all her paper work out, so you can see her cerdentials, showing her area of expertise. I learned from an early age that having cerdentials is always a good thing to have. My mom watched every child in the neigborhood.

The parents would send theirs friends and family to the daycare as a referal and good references. I would never send my child to a daycare that was not approved or credited. I have been in the daycare business since I was 10. I check the BBB and the state and every agency. I was told that everyone has a past. I so need to know if that person is a good fit for me and my child. Not say that all providers are bad. What I am saying is being a daycare provider is a lot of work. I think that everyone does has their own opinion about everything. So, the facts that I typed my opinion on this topic means a lot even has me being a daycare provider. No one is ever what they say they are so always make sure you check everything.

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