Dcc: Making Borrowing Easy

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THE General View

In the 21 century, there is always a need to catch up with the latest innovative trends and as a result of this, there is a need to acquire these innovative inventions for ourselves. However, we are often out of cash to purchase some of these new inventions, and most time we demand for a loan because we don’t want to lag behind with these new trends. But the lending firms of the traditional system has pose huge problems on the borrowers, because the cost or interest on borrowing is much to bear. Moreover, the good news is that, DCC (Distributed credit chain) organization has come through to provide necessary solutions to the problems that is associated with the local lending system.

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The BRIEF information about the system

This system stands as the first global credit system that is founded on the decentralized capacity. This system seeks to develop an eco-system for the improvement of the financial supply. DCC incorporates individual credit as a means to invent various spheres to meet the needs of different financial requests.

With this ideas, the old form of local service will be changed to chained system with the corporation of many interested organizations, using block-chain to uplift the finances in order to restructure the global financial structure into reality by using non-centralized bank.

D.C.C is a system that seeks to tackle the kind of monopoly operations that is usually used by the local banking operations. Moreover, this system plans to compensate the participants that seeks to contribute to the enlargement of the system structure. Through this means, this system will incentivized the platform to propel the user to promote the advancement of this amazing system. The unlimited desire is the formation of an inclusive economic system.

The major focus of this system is to recreate the defaults in the financial situations.

The borrowers of this system will be license to request for a loan without any issues. This system also creates a communication system at which the borrowers can interact with the cash provider, as well as transfer data;

The system will be used to recover different characteristics of the data, and also to clean them, in order to miss the biggest problems in the future;

This system will remove the challenges in the local system such as long term loans, and this system will resolve the problem by utilizing the goodness and clarity of the blocking system.

All participants that seeks to become a cash provider on this system will be enabled to acquire easy and steady money with D.C.C. This system promise to manage the system in a unique way such that operations will be conducted safety and reliably.

Here is the ways by which D.C.C plans to restructure the lending system

This system creates user I.D system. This I.D system is refers to as (DCCID) which is founded on a chained system. Every participant or agency will possess a distinct DCCID. With this, each participants will possess what is considered as digital identity. The identity ensures the confirmation when the participants or agency interacts with block-chain.

This system also creates a management system through which the personal information sent to the data-agency will be immediately processed. After the processing of each information, there will be a report to each individual in order to inform them of their information request. In addition to this, individuals have the ability to store their personal data in their computers or they can choose to add login key for storage on the system store house. This becomes individual data assets, after conducting hash brief reports.

This system also provides a very low interest rate system in which will serve as a savior for those who wants to get a loan and are scare of the interest rate that the local financial agencies will pose on them.

The advantages of D.C.C system

This system provides a new structure at which the universal financial agencies will become a clear and transparent relationship among the borrowers and the money or cash providers. In respect to this, D.C.C will clearly change the monopoly structure of local financial agencies such that in the years to come, every users of this system can ultimately earn when participates in the promotion and in the development of this amazing system. Isn’t this good?.

The utilization of the chained tech (i.e block-chain) will uplift the constant way of banking operations in the world. This approach will assure the change of the whole structure of the old standard of overall level of business worldwide.


D.C.C is a sure platform that will make lending easier. The amazing features of this system will recreate the credit system and bring more benefits to all participant at large. With the idea behind this platform, I strongly believe that this system will definitely thrive in the present situation of our economy. Cheers.


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