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Deafness in the Through Deaf Eyes

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Something interesting that I pulled from the Through Deaf Eyes video was the comparison between the two plants EARth and EYEth. The video described EARth being a planet that was mainly focused on what can be spoken or heard. The video then described EYEth as a planet that concentrated on what can be seen or visualized by someone. One of the deaf individuals interviewed in the video described his experience of being on EYEth as having many possibilities. The video then describes how the possibilities on EARth were not limitless by any means. To ensure the protection of the Deaf community, the Nation Association of the Deaf was established in 1880. A few years later, in 1906, deaf people were no longer permitted to work for the government. After two years of protesting, the deaf regained their ability to work for the government. This was an impressive achievement by the Deaf community. 

Movies were another aspect that I found interesting throughout this video. There began to be people signing throughout movies. This was an excellent way for the Deaf community to display sign language to the world. This worked out exceptionally well because the movies at this time period were silent. Although, the deaf were displayed humorously. They were constantly being mocked. It is almost as if their potential to be as great of an actor as their peers were ridiculed. After 1929, the ability of the deaf to understand what was going on during movies was taken away through the invention of talkies. With all these setbacks, the Deaf community was able to find other pass times other than talkies, such as baseball. Another interesting aspect I pulled from the video was what the deaf people were put through in an attempt to “fix” their deafness. At this time parents were desperate and tried just about anything available in an attempt to cure their child. The video described some of the tactics used in an attempt to cure deafness. One of the tactics involved airplanes. The child would get on the plane while the plane did loops around in the air. Another tactic used involved a box with heatwaves. The child would sit with earplugs in and a helmet on and the box was then turned on. As time progressed, the heat waves got stronger. Another attempt to cure deafness was through meeting Babe Ruth. 

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The possibility of being in shock would reverse the effect of deafness. I personally do not understand why deaf individuals were all of a sudden not able to work for the government. I feel like at the very least, that community was owed some form of explanation, or even an excuse as to why the outlaw happened. It makes me sad that the deaf were treated so poorly by others. I wish that the National Association of the Deaf could have been created in a positive light for that community of people. Although when movies became to come to light, I think that it is awesome that deaf people could take on deaf or hearing roles. Unfortunately, the deaf were not taken seriously and were being discriminated against. I found some of the methods utilized in an attempt to cure one’s deafness to be quite silly. Especially, the Babe Ruth tactic. I wish instead of looking for ways to fix their deafness, society could have embraced their deafness and looked to see the person for who they are beyond their deafness.  


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