Dealing with the Crandon Marina

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Crandon marina is one of the best parks in Miami. A significant number of people are addicted to the place since it offers a variety of fun activities for singles, couples, and the whole family. Being a recreational facility, the park offers a wide range of activities, but it is well known for boat riding. Many people will visit the place to relax and rid themselves of the stress from the outside world for a while; this would be considered as the main advantage of the park. Being a recreational facility located in a town with schools and other facilities that run on a daily basis, the facility is likely to affect the normal functioning and running of the institutions. For this reason, the federal, state, and local governments have to set some rules and regulations that will ensure that the facility least affects other institutions.

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The federal, local and the state governments have a significant role to play in the management of a recreational facility as huge and famous as the Crandon marina. The park has provided many people with the experience of a lifetime, which one would consider to be unforgettable. To maintain this, there is a stream of rules and regulations set by the government in favor of the parks to maintain them in a good status to avoid pollution and the destruction of this parks that may turn out to be hazardous to the people who are using the parks. This paper looks at the steps taken by the governments to protect the Crandon marina park and to help the park in maintaining its good structure and reputation.

The federal government has set a law that controls the running of miscellaneous activities that are most likely to ruin the park. Some of the activities include construction activities, excavation and activities like setting up posters in or around the park (Henderson, 2011). To maintain a controllable and sane environment in and around the park, the selling and use of drugs such as alcohol has been prohibited in the park unless in some designated areas. This makes the environment peaceful and sustainable for everyone in the park; hence, nobody is left out or disadvantaged. To protect the natural resources in the park, there are rules set against tampering with the natural features of the park. Such laws prohibit the users of the park from cutting, digging out, picking or removing whole or a part of a living or dead tree in the park (Sadri et al., 2015). The laws also prohibit the users of the park from damaging or defacing any naturally occurring materials in the park such as stones and rocks (Shivlani and Theis, 2003).

The state government has set enough laws to govern the parks and make them comfortable for all who visit them. Furthermore, in the quest make the park both affordable and less overcrowded, the state has discouraged the visitors from bringing their pets into the park especially during the holidays and over the weekend where the number of people is likely to be high which is important since some people may have negative attitude to some of these pests. Furthermore, it should also set rules that discourage hunting and excessive fishing in the park and in other parks as well. Considering that most of the animals hunted and the fish are naturally occurring just like the trees, water and the rocks, they might get exhausted over time when too much hunting and fishing is carried out. As a measure to protect the same, the government should come up with strict laws to protect them. People should also be banned from carrying any hunting weapons like guns and knives into the parks since they pose danger to the other park users in case of a disagreement or a fight between two parties.

Some of the major problems that are most likely to emerge in the park is pollution by solid and liquid waste and decrease of the water level, which is a major problem that is currently affecting most of the water bodies in the United States of America (Noveille, 2016). Once this threatening problems reach the Crandon marina Park, the park is most likely to lose its significance and reputation as a leading recreational facility in the county of Miami. Accordingly, the local government has set some rules that are meant to control on the dumping and to keep the park free of garbage and pollution. To control the issue of garbage pollution, the government has put up some garbage collection bins in the park where one can dump all the solid waste. According to the rules reinstated by the government, one must dump the garbage in the bin or carry the garbage with you when leaving the park. Dumping the solid waste anyhow or anywhere will attract severe punishment since the dumped waste will pile up and pollute the environment in the park and pollute the water too.

The Crandon marina is a facility that has been of help to many since it serves several purposes as a recreational facility, job opportunity for the staff who work here, the park also generates income for the local government through the taxes collected from the facility. This makes the recreational facility serve multiple purposes thus it should be well looked after. It is the high time that people learnt the contribution of such a facility and other recreational facilities to the county and the country at large and they work towards maintaining them in a sustainable and appealing condition.

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