Dealing with the Problem of Drugs

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Table of Contents

  • Different Tactics of Fighting Against Drugs
  • The Increase of Demand and Supply
  • The DARE Program
  • Conclusion

Different Tactics of Fighting Against Drugs

Police departments utilized several tactics when it comes to substance use and abuse, possession, distribution, sale, and trafficking. Supply reduction, which includes “buy-and-bust, trading up, undercover work, and crackdown.” Also Demand reduction, which includes “drug education programs such as DARE” (Walker & Katz, 2018 p303). These programs and tactics where created during the late 1980’s “when drugs represented serious problems for the police, criminal justice system, and society.” (Walker & Katz, 2018 p304). Even though the programs such as the ones mentioned above, wherein place drugs has always been a factor is in the criminal world and crime-fighting to this day.

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The Increase of Demand and Supply

Firstly, demand and supply will increase in all aspects. They are ranging from consumptions, public use, distribution, retail, taxes, city fines, arrests, citations, court cases, and access. Even though marijuana has become legalized in many states up until this day in some states, it is still illegal, and while it can be legal on a state level, federally it still has not been and probably will not be legalized. However, in New York City, there are already three legal dispensaries for the distribution of medical marijuana with a procedural guideline as to who is qualified to get the licenses based on actual diagnosed medical conditions. In conjunction with other conditions that are not treatable by traditional medicine.

The public knowledge about these changes will have people believe that using freely in public is also legal if they do not have amounts over 25 grams on their person “decriminalizing marijuana by improving the law.” (Marijuana Policy Project, 2019). This new change in legalization is only in place as a result of the denial of legalization. Decriminalizing marijuana to eliminate over crowed and overdue court cases, avoid arrest for small possession, and reduction in fines. It is still illegal to use in public or possess on one’s person. It is just that instead of getting processed through the system, a person can get a ticket or fine based on amount.

The DARE Program

It is known to many as (DARE) Drug Abuse Resistance Education. This program has been around since 1983. I remember when in elementary and middle school they used to come often and talk to us about not using drugs with acronym knows as (DDD) Do not Do drug or (SNTD) Say No to Drugs. They utilized the big dog with the inspector gadget type custom. It was amazing, sorry for the rant. Okay, so DARE has been operational since then and used in about “75 percent of the nation’s school districts and adopted in 44 foreign countries.” (Walker & Katz, 2018 p305). Even though this is a highly utilized program. Research has no factual or hard data, to confirm any impact in the lives of the thousands of people who have gone through it.

However, I think that DARE is utilized because it is the dumbed-down method to expose young children to learn what drugs are and what they can do to you also showing them what drugs look like and to be honest preventative tactics that not only can prevent a child from taking drugs but also even interacting with strangers and possible kidnapping occurring. Education is one of the most critical variables we have in life and that we utilize to learn, teach, and grow, as individuals also collectively. Educating the youth on such harm full substances about the word is also a method of helping them see beyond what they believe exists in society in some ways. Also, the belief that “education is an effective approach” is one of the many reasons why this program is still striving to this very day.


Overall, changes will always follow with its challenges, especially in high society like the one we live in today. We need to do our best and prepare to manage and or adapt to the challenges and ways to minimize the aftermath.

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