Death as a Penalty and the Fantasy of Instant Death: Inhumane, Hindering, and Unjust Genre

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Oliver, K. (2016). Death as a Penalty and the Fantasy of Instant Death. Law and Critique, 27(2), 137-149. doi:10.1007/s10978-016-9181-4.

This article appeared in a corporation based journal titled Springer: Science and Business. Although little information was present on the background information of this business. It is presumed that CrossMark also has affiliation with this research. Although, a single author was presented-Oliver, she utilized prior information from several sources. Research indicated throughout these observations that the death penalty utilized within the United States is not as painless and humane as one may believe. Through Oliver’s words, audiences realize the reality of the situation. There are a few different genre’s or types of subjects within this piece. A few I found consistent would include: inhumane, hindering, and unjust. Although, there are certainly two sides to every coin, both sides should be somewhat adjacent to its counterpart (Oliver,2016).

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There three genres would be most suitable for the text provided. I claim this due to the fact that this research is based primarily on personal accounts of these situations. These practices were inhuman because subjects were gasping for air and surely feeling an enormous amount of pain their last few minutes alive. The pain was long lasting and not hastily completed as one might assume. Each scenario included the sickening fact that these persons waited quite some time before they could reach peace. The last subject associated with this pieced included how these practices are unjust. No human, whether killer or not should have to face these dilemmas. Death in itself is a rough penalty, these people should not have to feel such pain and anxiety during these processes that are already difficult. I deem these situations highly unjust and unfit for modern day facilities that can certainly maintain alternative methods that are quicker and require more respect (Oliver,2016).

The intended audience of this selection could literally be anyone. I feel it is certainly to some degree a little bit of everyone’s problem. That is because I firmly believe in the idea of being part of the solution to problems. Especially people imprisoned who have little say in these methodologies. Prior death penalties have been enacted before, which is how this information was obtained, therefore it is clear that these methods are not proper. Those who study law or criminal justice fields, would be drawn to such articles as these. Although, one does not have to be involved in such subjects to be educated on the reality of the system presented throughout the United States. The purpose of this article is to shine light on the reality of the situation. It is to provide a clear and accurate analysis of the process of the death penalty. Observers comment on how the whole ordeal went down. It is the audience’s responsibility to draw conclusions from these acts. One emerging one is the ethics involved in such situations and how outdated and inhuman they appear (Oliver,2016).

The text accomplishes many purposes and realizations. Accurate descriptions were given, and audiences had, to some degree, the eligibility to draw their own conclusions. Although, somewhat impossible to think differently, then to agree that there is certainly a problem with these methods. These articles seem not bias in any way. I think that attention much be given to these issues if we desire to see a change quickly. The justice system shows little justice to those in line for the death penalty. Although these people are somewhat deserving of such consequences, these practices should still be somewhat managed in accordance with ethics. These people will shortly be dead, and should at least not feel the pain of such moments before.

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