My Personal Opinion on Why We Should Abolish Death Penalty Practice

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  • Introduction
  • The Death Penalty is a Prime Example, But a Bad One
  • The Main Goal is the Abolition of the Death Penalty


The Death penalty should not still a thing in 2019 but yet people are still dying from it quite frequently This is an issue because Some people say its not other peoples choice to take away another person’s life.

I would rather have someone in jail for life or rather than sent to their death because the you see it’s coming. Other people say its okay because they “deserve” it because they should have not done the crime.the death penalty will only make things worse In my opinion. a lot of people only get it because the government and their dumb rules. One reason that the death penalty is not ok is because if you did the crime you should do the time not death. Being sentenced to death puts lives at risk since the reinstatement of the death penalty in the united states 138 innocent men and women have been taken off death road alot of states have already killed innocent men. killing innocent men is not okay what so ever. This means that there has been hundreds of people that have been killed for no reason. Another reason that the death penalty is not okay is that its costly. It costs millions to go with death row and is a waste of money in 1995 the trials for three murder cases cost more than 1.5 million dollars. They can save way more money if they take the death penalty away all together. Which would also make taxes less so that’s more money saved for everyone.

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The Death Penalty is a Prime Example, But a Bad One

Another reason why this is not okay is because there is a racial and economic discrimination of the death penalty. About 99% of the people on death-row are male. Of the 1,058 prisoners on death row by August. 42% of the united states population is black which is most likely not a coincidence. They also are poor and have little to no education. which means that the death penalty targets a certain group of people.The death penalty does not reduce murder rates. prime reports show that states with the death penalty have killing rates 48-101% higher than states that does not have the death penalty. which clearly means that the death penalty is not helping any type of homicide crimes or crimes in general that put you on death row. mentally ill people are executed.

The Main Goal is the Abolition of the Death Penalty

As an counter argument the only reason why the death penalty is okay because they are a danger to a lot of people but only if it is that for example if a man was to shoot up a school and have a history of these kinds of actions than maybe just maybe he deserves it. But other than that nobody deserves to be sent to their death.

1/10 who has been executed in the United States since 1977 and they are all mentally ill, according to Amnesty International and the National Association on Mental Illness.” The death penalty is not applied fairly across the country In 2016, 30 death sentences were imposed across the United States, making it the lowest number in 40 years.” The death penalty is soon to be declined by every measure; only 20 executions took place last year and just four states, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Missouri, were responsible for 90 percent of them. so therefore the death penalty is decreasing which is great but how long will it take to completely be terminated.

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