Death Penalty Pros and Cons Analysis

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Death Penalty will never become the answer to eradicating crime. Although it would be an easy way to remove or decrease the rate of crime in the nation, the government should not have death penalty as a punishment since it would not give second chances to criminals to change their ways and our economy would be affected negatively, less business, less customers and less circulation of money. This is the punishment of death, given to a person convicted of a capital crime.

This study shall be focusing on the reasons why death penalty should not be introduced in our country,death penalty  pros and cons, and how it will affect the country. In the areas of justice, economic, moral and crime. Although the nation is suffering from corruption, injustice, and poverty and other major issues. The country should not acquire of this punishment or sentence to a person.

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To give criminals second chances to change their lives to help inspire more individuals who are struggling to live their lives normally who will likely resort to taking shortcuts, namely selling and or using prohibited drugs or stealing in order to generate huge amounts of money. If prisoners would be sentenced to death by the court, they would not have their chance to redeem themselves by having their lives become inspirations because those people have done something that is rarely done by a lot of people, which is to change bad habits especially in their situation that what they have done can cause death.

Let’s not forget about the people convicted who are often wrongly killed. It is always possible for people to be accused wrongly for crimes they have not committed. Adding to this injustice, there is a number of instances like when criminals may plead to not be guilty and their own lawyers show their participation in a crime, like the trial of Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who pleaded guilty but was revealed by Judy Clarke his lawyer. These cases will always be tough to avoid since telling a lie is easy and a well thought of plan before committing a crime is common since nobody wants to be imprisoned. According to Amnesty International, “Thanks to Amnesty’s campaigning efforts, the execution of Hafez Ibrahim, from Yemen, was stopped not once, but twice. Hafez, who was accused of a crime he insists he didn’t commit”.

Advantages Towards Eradication of crime and the nation’s safety

Although it would be an easy way to eradicate crime in the country and that people will be convinced to not commit crime since they would be afraid to risk their lives. Having death penalty as a possible punishment, people will have to think twice before they commit a crime. The crime rates of countries that observes death penalty has gone down according to(INSERT RATES)

Philippines would likely become a safer country since would be afraid to commit crime. Since most of the Filipino people are Catholics, the fear of the lord in their belief triggers their conscience to act and put them back on the right path.



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