Death Penalty's Pros and Cons: Thoughts About Life and Death

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The death penalty brings unlawful justice. According to Champa Mantel, Amnesty International’s Director for South Asia and the Pacific, in the final reading of House Bill 4727, “It is an inhumane, ineffective punishment and is never the solution”.This penalty executes a person who has done a heinous crime such as rape,  and/or murder.

The death penalty's pros and cons are a common issue debated by most of the country. Many believe that this punishment can deter the crimes but, it surely does not. Crimes solved by a crime are pure injustice. Justice could not be solved or even achieve if another received injustice. Ellory R.J. once stated that “ how does killing someone prove that killing a person is wrong ?”

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The death penalty is again a human right. Every human in this world has the right to live, to be respected, or to receive justice. Being convicted of a crime like rape or murder doesn’t make an excuse to execute a person. This neither stops nor lessens the crimes happening in this world.

This penalty can lead to different negative results. This punishment is trying to achieve justice and lessen the inhumane crimes by punishing the suspect in an inhumane way. There are too many flaws in this type of justice system. Some may just be accused because the real suspects are rich and influential while others could not pay for a good lawyer to defend them. It only proves the point that the death penalty is a wrongful practice of justice.

As time goes by, the death h penalty is known as a human rights issue, not a form of criminal justice issue  The death penalty takes away the most valued right needed by a man - the right to live. It just makes the quality of justice worst treatsreat the accused poorly and without respect. It will only result to treat someone unfairly and is often used on persons who can be easily hurt just like the poor or even those who have mental disabilities. It only discriminates against individuals and fdoesnkly, does not bring impact to reducing crime cases. “The evolution of human rights has reduced state sovereignty in many areas; the death penalty should be one of them as well” -Ivan Simonovi’c.

Despite the greatest, critical analysis, and efforts to know the truth, an unjust conviction could not be avoided. The death penalty is impossible to be called off. The possibility that an innocent person will receive the punishment could not be excluded. It forbids the correction of mistakes in the justice system. If there is a big possibility that a country could not make sure that it could not kill an innocent person, it should not consider killing someone as a punishment either.

The death penalty is believed to lessen or deter crimes. Anyone would think twice before killing someone because they are also, as a human being afraid of death or to die ( Bedau, 1982),. But, there is no stable evidence that this penalty can lessen the crimes more than any other punishment. The death penalty is a lower way for political persons to pretend to the citizens that something is done to lessen the crimes.

“There has never been any evidence that the death penalty reduces capital crimes or that crimes increased when execution stopped. Tragical mistakes are prevalent. It is clear that there are overwhelming ethical, financial and religious reasons to abolish the death penalty”. -Jimmy Carter

Some may say that this punishment can give satisfaction and lessen the grudges of the aggrieved party or the victim, but this is pointless justice. Families of the victims do have the heights to receive their needed justice. They also have the right to know and witness the responsible person to be accountable for the crimes they have done, but of course not to the extent of the death penalty. It Though justice must be achieved by every victim of heinous crimes done by the suspects. This justice should be done with high moral standards and in an effective way where both parties achieve their justice.

Taking the life of someone because they’ve taken others’ life, an eye for an eye they say is not a form of justice but simply, revenge(Tutu, D. ). Repeating the cycle of violence over and over again and hoping for a better result is insanity ( Einstein, A.). Solving violence through violence is just adding darkness to the night without the sinning light of the stars ( Luther, M.). This only projects the cruelty of the society we lived in. The death penalty, just like any killing crime, is a planned type of murder (Camus, A. ). This punishment gives different types of effects through physical and psychological factors and killing the accused is the same as the thing that this punishment is trying to prove wrong. Unjust justice bears unjust justice. When it is used to bring justice, proves rights do not end unjust justice. They only continue the suffering.

The death penalty,s goal is to execute a person who has killed and/or rape someone. To use the old law an eye to an eye will block the view of every human being to the truth (Luther, M. ). Life is sacred. The death penalty does not just does not follow the laws of mod modern-day most of all, it’s also against the most valued expression of the love of God (Luther, M. ). No one could ever take the life of someone. It is stated in the ten commandments, in exodus 20: 13 that “Thou shall not kill”. Justice could not be achieved by killing someone violently. Taking life, whether it is yours or not, is disregarding the law of God when it comes to life and death.

All in all, the death penalty will not solve criminality. It is just anti-poor, and error-prone. With or without the death penalty, people are still going to commit crimes. Many researchers have studied this topic but up until now the myth of using this penalty to deter crimes is still a myth. The death penalty is not a good form of deterrence and cannot deter people from committing crimes. There are many valid reasons that the death penalty is unlawful.

There are indeed a lot of the death penalty's pros and cons to this topic. But for centuries, this penalty, which has brought a lot of immoral values with it, was trying to check the crime rates yet, crime does exist because this punishment is educating the citizen violently and poorly.  

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