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Deaths of Journalists in India

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Gauri Lankesh murder case

Last year (2017) well known activist and journalist Gauri Lankesh was killed in front of her house when she was returning from her office on 5th of September, lankesh was the editor of her own magazine Lankesh Patrike, which is a weekly magazine. On the evening of 5 September when she was returning from office, two gunmen on a motorbike came and shot 7 shots on her, out of 7 lankesh got wounds with 3 gun shots two on chest and one on head and after that she was dead. After her death Bengaluru police came a investigate the whole scene and after her death there was a uncommon rage in every city every other press club or social group were doing candle march on the roads and the protest was started. On the every social media sites the outrage was visible some of them were sad on the death of a well know journalist and others were criticising her death, that yes she got what she deserved. In this social war some twitter handlers started abusing the Gauri Lankesh and the fact is that these twitteratis were followed by our Prime Minister Modi on twitter and when this thing came out the war become more serious now.

After the death of lankesh now the family was surrounded by the media, and the questions were asked in a political tone then Indrajit Lankesh the brother of gauri said that please don’t give this a political colour, we only want justice now we don’t know that who killed gauri and by whom she was killed, and they can be the right-wing extremists and the naxalites because she was trying to rehabilitate them and there was no personal enmity of gauri, the only thing with which she stands out her whole life was her ideology, and he also request to the media that please don’t add any political name in this case. He said we only want justice now if they get this from local police, the SIT or from court the justice was their main concern.

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For this case a 21 member Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed to look into this. The SIT releases the sketches of murders on the basis of the cctv camera footage on 12 octuber 2017, and arrested a guy named Naveen Kumar on 3rd march 2018 and this guy Naveen kumar is a founder of an organisation named as ‘Hindu Yuva Sena’ and he is influenced by the right-wing extremist ideology, in his 12 page long statement Naveen said that gauri was murdered because of her anti-hindu views, and this make Naveen’s followers angry.

Gauri Lankesh’s magazine Lankesh Patrike mostly attack on the right-wing or Hindu cultural ideology, and may be because of this thing, her magazine doesn’t get any advertisement. But till today Gauri lankesh murder case is still pending and there is no judgement on this case neither from SIT nor from any governmental body.

Indradev Yadav case

Indradev was a television journalist and worked in Jharkhand’s chatra district as a local news correspondent for a Kolkata based hindi channel Taaza TV, and he was shot dead near his house on his motor bike on May 2016.

After the death of the indradev when local police investigate, then they found that a maoist group of Jharkhand named Tritya Sammelan Prastuti Committee (TPC) was demanding rupees 7 lakhs from Indradev and on refusing this, they shoot him. Jharkhand’s Chief Minister Raghubar Das give a financial support of rupees 5 lakh to Indradev’s family.

Rajdev Ranjan Dainik Hindustan

In May 2016 after the death of Indradev in Jharkhand Rajdev Ranjan was also gunned down on his bike while he was returning home after office in siwan of Bihar. Gunmen shoot two shots on ranjan one hits the head and othe other wounds his neck and on the spot he was dead. Rajdev was the bureau chief of Dainik Hindustan and he was reporting against the former RJD MP Mohammad Shahabuddin, because shahabuddin murdered his two brothers, Rajdev reported more than 4 times on the shahbuddin. On 22nd of august in 2017 CBI filled charge sheet against shahabuddin for the murder of his two brother on which Rajdev was working.

Tarun Mishra

Tarun was also murdered in the same year when Indradev and Rajdev was murdered in 2016, but its month was Feburary. Tarun Mishra was the bureau chief of a local hindi newspaper in Uttar pradesh’s Sultanpur named Jan Sandesh Times. Mishra was shot when he was in his car with one other then two gun men on bike came and stopped the car and started firing on Mishra, and after this when Mishra was taken to hospital he was dead at that time.

Uttar pradesh’s Journalist Union said on his death that tarun was reporting upon the ongoing illegal activities in Uttar Pradesh and that’s why he was targeting and paid his life for his work. The then chief minister of Uttar Pradesh announced a financial support of 10 lakhs for Tarun’s family.

Tarun Kumar Acharya Odisha

Tarun kumar Acharya from Odisha was killed in Ganjam district of Odisha when he was returning home, few assailants came and stopped tarun and cut his throat and tarun was dead on the spot. After death when police investigate this and found out that tarun was dead because he did a report on child labour on a local cashew factory and the cashew factory owner killed him. Tarun was a stringer for a local odiya language television channel, he died on 27th of March in 2014.


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