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Teens nowadays usually have cellphones on them at all times. Some parents get frustrated because the teens are addicted to their phones. There are some people who are very concerned because that’s all they do. Teens will be on their phones 24 hours a day. Some parents will try and take their phones away but that doesn’t work. Sometimes teens refuse to give their phone up. Cellphones can be dangerous too. They can be physically or emotionally hurt by their phones.

The question is “How are cell phones harmful?” They could cause memory loss to teens if they. This happens when they are on their phone for several hours without any breaks from their phone. In fact, ScienceNewsforStudents says that “When people put their phones up to their ears that it can cause them to do bad on memory tests.” Even though a memory test is not that important it can affect their grades in school as well. According to ScienceNewsforStudents, it doesn’t matter what kind of memory test they take the score will still be the same. Therefore, ever if they try to take a different memory test score will be the exact same.

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When they do bad on memory tests some people will keep checking their grades in school to see if their grades are dropping or not. This is important because this proves that they do have memory problems. This means that teens will do poorly on their school exams. They might not get into a good high school or college. Therefore, I would pay attention to their grades and not let them fall behind. If the do fall behind in their classes then they might have to get tutored or have to take special classes so they can catch up to the rest of the class. I don’t think the parents want their kids to fall behind in their classes and get bad grades. All of this will affect their future and they might end up working in a crappy job.

They should not spend so much time on their cell phone. Teens should work on schoolwork or they should just help their parents out. I am not saying that kids need to give up their cellphones, I am just saying that they should spend less time on them and focus on useful things.

Also, cellphones can cause physical injuries because the phones have radiation in them. In this case according to ScienceNewsforKids “Radiation can go through your body and harm the organs inside your body.” This does include the nervous system as well. This radiation also causes the memory loss too. In this case it harms the organs like the brain, heart, lungs, and nervous system. Some people end up in the hospital when the radiation gets to a bad stage. Radiation can even cause death if it gets really bad stage.

This even makes people to give up their cellphones for good. Some scientists tested the radiation on male and female rats (ScienceNewsforKids) and most of the male rats got brain cancer.” Also, male rats got a high dose and had a greater chance of getting brain cancer ScienceNewsForKids.” The female rats did have a higher rate of brain cancer, but they don’t know why. But the Drug Administration has helpful tips to people so they don’t get as much radiation from their phone. They say that you The radiation can make the heart stop producing blood or it can make the lungs not function anymore. These symptoms can lead to death or very severe injuries. It doesn’t happen right away, it will take a long time for the radiation to commit a severe injury.

You start to get sick than you should go see a doctor. If they find that you do have cell phone radiation they can start giving you treatments for the symptoms. Also, your nervous system could get damaged and that’s another severe injury. So if you spend several hours on your phone you should quit because you don’t want to end up in a hospital, and you would have to get treatments everyday so the radiation does not spread all throughout the body. If the radiation does spread throughout the body then you have a really high risk of a fatal accident happening. The radiation mostly will go to the brain. The brain is probably the second or last place you want to radiation to go because this can be even more fatal. If the brain shuts down then everything will shut down your nervous system, heart, lungs, legs, arms, everything! This is very concerning to scientists because this can cause death to humans much faster than the radiation going to the heart.

As you can see EffertsofUsingMobilePhones says,” That people who use their phones for several hours a day are 50% more likely to get brain cancer than people who don’t even use their phones. Also, cellphones can hurt your eyes badly because when you stare at a screen for a long period of time your eyes start to hurt and you get headaches, and it just gets worse from there. EffectsofUsingMobilePhones says,” If you play games on your phone can affect your eyes badly.” This can cause people to have to get glasses or have people go to the doctor to fix their eyes. That is all just because they were looking at a little screen. The more you look at the screen the more damage you do to your eyes. Cellphones have so much power that it can destroy friendships.

When teens use their phones for many hours they are focused on their phones and not their parents or friends. This can have a huge impact on their relationship with their friends because if they don’t talk to their friends then they will slowly drift away from each other. Soon enough they will never talk to each other again. That is mainly how friendships are broken up. When they lose friends they start getting depressed because they have nobody to hang out with on the weekends or just anytime. In fact SmartPhoneImpactonTeens says,” Teens don’t talk to their family members because of their addiction to their phones.” That makes sense because some teens now barely interact with other people because of their phone addiction. That is not good at all. Social life is vital to people because when you are feeling down in the dumps your friends usually cheer you up. That is what gets you far in life. Some teens dont even realize that their phones cause their friendships to get destroyed. Then they end up trying to figure out who destroyed the friendship. Going back to the brain cancer National Cancer Institute says,” There are three reasons or other health problems.” You can also get radiation exposure from x-rays and that can make your chances of getting cancer even higher. In National Cancer Institute it says, “That in Denmark more than 358,000 cell phone subscribers have brain tumors. In 2012 NCI researches found that there were small risks in the Interphone study but great risks of brain cancer.” The U.S. had a small increase in risks of brain cancer.

This is why parents should limit their kids with their phones. They could get seriously hurt by them and sometimes it could be fatal. There are many risks of getting brain cancer, eye problems, and internal organ problems by using cell phones. Radio waves are not the only cause for brain cancer there are many other ways to get radiation from phones. Including you can get the radiation by the cellular tower. That can happen when your phone is connected to it. The importance of this is to get people to look at what the risks of using your cell phone to much. All of the injuries of using your smart phones can be fatal to the people who use it for several hours a day. This is the main reason why people get headaches and migraines. They spend to much time on their phones. You have seen many examples from sources like ScienceNewsforKids, Effect of Using Mobile Phones, and National Cancer Institute. They say that using your mobile phone for several hours a day is very harmful to you and your body. That includes internal organs and the nervous system as well. This why so many people have stopped using their phones and started to converse with other people. Even when your not on your phone you meet a lot of interesting people and you make new friends. You do many fun things with your family if you pay attention to them. This is all the information I have to say to you. This is the point where you have to make a choice. Would you rather have a risk of getting brain cancer or other health problems just for a little bit more screen time, and you damage your eyes in the process. Or are you going to put down your phone and start interacting with other people in the world.

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