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Debate Around Favorite Past Time: Books Versus Movies

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What’s your favorite past time? Is it reading? Movies? Or playing video games. There are so many things that you can do for relaxation. We all like to watch movies, right? Well, I believe that books are better than movies. The foremost reason I’d like to say why books are better than movies is because books have their own pace. Books allow us to go to our own pace. If we want to read fast, we can read extremely fast. If we want to read slowly, we can take our time savoring what we’re reading. If we want to go back or read a past chapter because we didn’t understand something, we can. In the movies, we have to go at the movie’s pace and not our own.

Books are far more detailed, don’t you think? Movies have certain time, they are always squeezed in a certain period of time. Therefore, movies don’t have all the details that a book can offer. Talking about books. Books have so many details that movies cannot present. I’d like to give you all a small exercise here. Please think of a tall man, his blond hair perfectly styled into a quiff, with a pair of blue dreamy eyes, and a beautiful physique. There is an image of a person in each individual’s mind, but the person is different. Now when I say Iron Man, we all think about Robert Downey Jr. When I talk about this character, there is only one person in our minds. This is what movie does; it synchronizes the image, it synchronizes our imagination. The book lets each and every individual have their own imagination, be it a place or a character. However the movies have a defect; it only lets you see what they have.

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When we are watching movies, we are always in the third person. We get just what we see, we watch the protagonist do his things, we’re the third person watching the villain do wrong things. We can’t do anything, we don’t feel anything. Unlike in the books were we can feel what they’re feeling, we can understand why they’re fighting for what they are fighting for. And that’s the third reason I want to point out, books make us feel more involved. When we read something, we always have our own experiences and perspective.

Movies can also make us feel those? Yes, it could. However there’s bad acting, there’s bad graphics, and there’s improper execution of thoughts. Admit it or not, we all have complained about the said things on a movie. But have we complained about bad graphics in books? How about a character’s bad acting in books? No. Books do not have such because we let our imagination please us. In books, we can take our time, we can feel everything, and we feel more involved. With this, I’d like to quote Paulo Coelho saying that “The book is a film that takes place in the mind of the reader. That’s why we go to the movies and say ‘oh, the book is better’.”


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