Decoding the Work from Home Culture in India

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Work from home or work at home culture has gained popularity in India and in the worldwide. This culture has been spread like a new trend among the working population. Work at home trend serves as a great opportunity for people to be productive that helps them use their skills and talents while also managing a balance in life with much required flexibility. It is not a gender based opportunity and is surely favoured equally by both men and women. Many people believe that the favourable conditions increase the efficiency of an individual to manage the work load that leads to comparatively less stress. According to a survey, a notable number of employees have shown their interest in working from home with the preference more prevalent among those aged above 45 years.This trend is emerging as a growing possibility for all the people who prefer working under a favourable ambience. The employers feel happy about the times when the attrition rates are increased that eventually helps them in retention.

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These days, the employees seek not just good packages and a growth opportunity but also a desired work culture before settling for a job opportunity. As and when more employers see the perks of working from home, the word will spread regarding the success of working from home culture. If a good number of employers support the work-from-home opportunities and flexible work arrangements, job seekers will soon realise an increase in such jobs in various organisations. Many organisations have already started inculcating a new feature of work from home for their employees so that they are able to work much more efficiently that will help to meet the desired goals of the organisation.If we talk about the work from home trends 2018, working without leaving for office and earning a handsome amount of money at home has been in the top trending list of India.

The work at home career trends are taking a full swing in the present generation. People are looking forward to work from home rather than the monotonous office routine that not only consumes time, energy and money but also multiplies the stress levels of an individual. These trends have a long lasting effect on an individual due to the perks it offers for an individual who can not only earn but can also balance his or her lifestyle quite flexibly. Work at home career trends do not specifically have any roots but have caught a lot of eyes lately especially through the platform of social media which is emerging as a popular station for not just socialising but also for job searching. Undoubtedly, India will soon become the world’s most populous country. In the International Labour Organisation (ILO), India stands at 121st out of 131 countries for female participation in the workforce. Globally, approximately 700 million more women would be working if their employment rates were similar to that of men.

A third portion of those which is approximately 235 million, would be in India. There was a drop as the participation in workplace dipped for both men and women. The overall workforce is approximately 50 percent higher which is a big thanks to a number of women working despite the odds. The likelihood of a woman working is an essence that adds up to the family’s income especially in the case of rural areas. Vast range of discrepancies exist between the workforce of men and women. The work from home trend in India, have made many women take the initiative to pick up the part- time jobs and freelancing job opportunities that give them a work from home experience which helps them to balance their life emotionally and financially. We have a varied range of women who are using their skills and talents to become self-empowered which is a stepping stone towards the progress of the country.People are continuing to choose of what, when and where they desire to work which is helping them to control their careers that will lead them to the ultimate success. Instead of waiting for opportunities, people are leading themselves into the right pathways where they get to choose everything for themselves. Work from home gives everyone a free will to decide quite a few things that wouldn’t have happened in the daily office routine due to certain protocols of the organisations. This also improves the outcome of the work produced that increases the efficiency to work.Working from home growing trend has not really been uncommon as a career opportunity for about a couple of years now.

There are various career trends which are presently altering the way people work ‘now’ as well as in the ‘future’. Working from home growing trend is one of these career trends that have the potential to change the way of working entirely. Work from home trend in India is shaping an ideal situation of working that is helping us evaluate how, what and when do ‘we’ decide to work for the organisation. These shifts are continuously evolving and becoming more like a common place to be landed upon by the workforce in the future.Many people are preferring jobs that include part-time, freelance opportunities and temporary jobs rather than a full-time job. They also get a good package along with such opportunities that help them to cope up financially. Earlier, the traditional way to get a promotion was slow and clear. People started from the bottom notch and worked their way up the success ladder. In today’s fast growing world, the process has started to change. In the work from home trends 2018, it is observed that the professionals are identifying their career moves and are taking required steps or actions to clearly get noticed. They are working a smart way out by making the most of their time. Many are switching to different projects and are getting recognised by their work. This way they are learning in the best possible way.

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