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Decorative Metal Elements in Interior

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Looking for a new inspiration for creating an effective style for your apartment or office decor? GTM Artisan Metal has an amazing idea for you! Our company offers decorative metal screen panels for your home or business needs. We utilize innovative high-precision laser cutting technology to create a unique laser cut screens and custom metal components throughout the state of Pennsylvania including Huntingdon Valley and Doylestown.

Each decorative metal screen is created according to customer’s sketches or computer images in any format and stands out with high quality and a long period of use. You can use laser cut screens as a patterned room divider or radiator screen. Also, if you the one who values a privacy, you can buy some outdoor screen panels for your courtyard or garden and establish a sense of security.

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H2 Laser Cut Metal Screens

Laser cut screens are becoming increasingly popular in interior and exterior designs nowadays. Laser cut technologies enable to produce truly architectural masterpieces perfectly suited both for indoor and outdoor designs. Laser cutting, in our time, is widely used in the metalworking industry, but we decided to use it to make outstanding perforated metal screen panels for our customers. Because of fully computerized processes, we cut sheet metal with the highest speed and accuracy to create decorative metal screen panels of any complexity.

We can select for you individual ideas in accordance with your home and office design, or we can offer you a large variety of ornamental patterns for laser cut metal screens created by our partner firm Miles & Lincoln LTD. It is all up to you!

Moreover, the exclusivity of our laser cut metal screens is achieved in that all of the metal screen panels are painted with eco-friendly paints of any color, so we can handle solutions to the most sophisticated challenges for your interior.

H2 Outdoor Screen Panels

Every year more and more people prefer aluminum and metal screen panels for outdoor territory decoration. Outdoor decorative panels are the new black, because such panels may perfectly fit into many stylistic directions. Laser cut decorative gates with building address signage on it looks as magnificent as a small ornamental garden lattice. The use of custom outdoor screen panels defies the imagination – build a fence privacy screen to divide your territory into areas or use round outdoor screen panels as fire pit screens at your patio. Here are just a few examples of how you can utilize garden screen panels to make outdoor territory look fresh and modern.

Also, made from rust-proof materials, outdoor decorative screens are the ideal solution for wall cladding systems for private property and office buildings. Decorative metal screen panels serve as the effective way to protect the building from the destructive weather factors, reduce the street noise and control interior sunlight.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us and order your own decorative metal screen today! We can ship practically anywhere in the United States from our warehouse facilities located in the suburb of Philadelphia, PA.


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