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Define The Threat Conditions

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According to Grading Standard for Public Emergencies (Trial) of the People’s Republic of China, the ranking of crisis is as follow. If more than 30 lives may be threatened, it will be considered as Especially Serious Situation. If 10-30 lives may be threatened, it will be considered as Serious Situation. For 3-10 lives are threatened, it will be verified as Major Crisis, and if less than 3 lives are threatened it will be confirmed as Ordinary Crisis. Each situation is corresponded with a specific action plan. Natural disasters and environment hazardsEarthquake: On the basis of the standard of local meteorological bureau, the level of the earthquake is mainly divided into four types:

General (level IV)

General level earthquake consists of first-order, second-order and third-order earthquake. (E. g. People have little or no feeling of sway. )

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Larger (level)

Large level earthquake includes fourth-order, fifth-order and sixth-order earthquake. (E. g. The building begins to crack and the car begins to move. )

Major (level)

Major level earthquake is relatively serious, including seventh-order, eighth-order and ninth-order. (E. g. People are unable to stand stably and small-scale buildings begin to collapse. )

Especially significant (level)

Especially significant level consists of tenth-order, eleventh-order and twelfth- order. The earthquake with level Ⅰwill have severe impacts on all aspects, including roads, bridges and buildings.


Freezing rain and snow

Abnormal Snowfall

Once the volume of 24 hours of snowfall reaches 2. 0—4. 5 mm, the visible distance equal to or further than 1500 meters and the depth of snow under 3. 5cm, it can be considered as abnormal snowfall when the hotel have to pay more attention on collecting further weather changing information and react in time.

Heavy Snowfall

Under this condition, When 24 hours of snowfall reaches 4. 6—9. 0 mm, visible distance between 1000m and 1500m, the depth of snow get close to 3. 5 cm to 5. 5 cm, it can be recognized as heavy snowfall, people who going outside could get injured during this period.

Heavy Snowfall with Freezing Rain (the most serious)

When 24 hours of snowfall reaches 9. 1–18. 0mm,the visible distance within 200 meters, the depth of snow above 5. 5cm, coming with freezing iced condition, there are people dead for the heavy snow and wind, getting injured and slipped down on the iced area, the door in the lobby is hard to open, which can be classified into the most serious conditions.


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