Defining the Legal and Ethical Boundaries at the Cyber Frontier

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Cybersecurity is not only the technical issue. Its more than that. It should be viewed through legal and ethical perspective. Michael Chertoff, in the video, is delivering knowledge on cybersecurity beyond the technological perspectives. He endorses that cybersecurity is more governmental issue than technological issue and it should be regulated creating legal and ethical boundaries. The privacy has been changed. Back in the days, when internet was not readily available to the evil hands, private information used to be inaccessible to any second person.

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The owner of the information had to share the information to make it public. But now, the scenario is diagonally opposite. As soon as the device is connected, if it is not protected well, information may get leaked. Privacy, confidentiality, and non-repudiation challenges are growing. Michael Chertoff also has discussed about the scenario shift in ‘public memory’ and how information technology is playing the role to contribute such a shift in public memory. Back in the days, events used to be stored only in human memory, and with time, it used to be forgotten. But now, any event is recorded and released through social media. It resides in machine memory and it can be used in any time when needed. This has created a challenge to the society that if not controlled, would produce detrimental effects. Another key note that the video delivers is about critical infrastructures, control system, and cyber security.

As we know, financial houses, electric grids, hospitals, government operations come under the critical infrastructures. Most of these systems are controlled and run through the internet. There is increased risk of security in those infrastructures. Crimes, intellectual property damage, harassment and similar issues can be resolved by general law enforcement. However, in this information era, the internet war in cyberspace has been expanded to its highest level. If espionage, or critical infrastructure related attacks occur through cyberspace, there is nothing to combat such events. To address those challenges, according to Michael Chertoff, we need to rethink on security architecture, securing the data in it, and controlling the permission of data access and use through creating national level policies. He also purposes that we need doctrine of cyberwar to combat those attack oriented to critical infrastructure.

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