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Success is non-linear. More often than not, you’ll be faced with multiple rejections, you’ll feel insecure and maybe even lose sight of the goal. That is one of the few things I learned from Budjette Tan’s interview about his journey on pursuing his career on comics. I feel like I relate to him in so many levels especially on the part when he was asked about his biggest struggle to which he answered “Overcoming laziness of writing, I guess. Thinking that I need to wait for inspiration to get started on something... It’s easy for me to get distracted by other things, especially on the internet.”. The temptation is too hard for me to resist and I often find myself going on the internet for leisure instead of focusing on what needs to be done. It’s refreshing to see artists address that problem because it makes me feel like if he can overcome it, so can I. It’s just a matter of self-control and actually sitting down and starting.

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One of the few things that stuck with me was when he said “you don’t need to keep staring out into space and wait for that idea to come. Sometimes the deadline becomes your inspiration.”. I really love his realistic perspective. He is not trying to fool himself or his audience. He’s open and honest and I respect him for that. When he was asked where he gets the drive to write, he answered “I see something, or I watch something, and it makes me wonder, “What if I tell it this way?” or “What if it ended some other way.” And sometimes that’s what makes me want to write a story.”. That shows the importance of a curious and creative mind. Never stop asking questions and never stop trying to answer them. Could you imagine, just by asking “What if” you can create something beautiful? You can create your new masterpiece and some other reader will ask the same question then create theirs. Thinking about that fascinates me and makes me realize the importance of publishing or putting your work out there because it could lead to a spark on someone else and drive them to create.

Another quote that stuck with me was when he said “It’s a difficult game to play, not impossible but it’s you versus a million other people out there who want’s the same thing.”. Those are good words to live by. Life is hard and as much as it pains me to say this, the hard part hasn’t even started yet. I want to become a lawyer and half of my class wants to become a lawyer as well. This makes it harder but nonetheless, it’s still possible to become the best. I just have to fight for it harder than anyone else and want it more than everyone else. Law is a hard industry to get into but nothing easy is ever worth it. There’s no better satisfaction that working hard and receiving the fruit of your labor. Make your loved ones proud but above all, make yourself proud. Envision what will make you happy a couple of years down the road and act on it. It’s scary, but if it doesn’t scare you then you’re not risking anything.

Reading his interview really inspired me to keep on pursuing my goal. Even after his successes, he remained humble and he never forgot where he came from. I could only imagine that being a comic book artist in the Philippine is challenging. Especially because comic book collectors usually collect mainstream comics instead of locally made ones. Nonetheless, he kept on doing what he loves and not long after that, he got his well-deserved award. It reminded me of a saying that goes “Do what you love, and you never have to work a day in your life.”. I truly feel that it’s important to do what makes your heart happy instead of doing what others expect of you. Your passion is to be followed because life is way too short to be stuck in an office job you hate.  

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