Defining What Culture War and Cultural Conflicts Are

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There are many different meanings to Culture wars depending on how you view it as. To me it means we have our own beliefs and rights on how our culture should be shaped. Afterall, learning about culture as well as culture wars is very important to us and our society. It’s important to see different views of culture. Some cultures differ from other cultures in many different ways. Not only do we get to view other cultures but we get to learn and understand from them as well.

After, watching culture wars from a CNN perspective had countless good discussions on national anthem protest. Mostly they did talk about how it's not wrong to kneel during the national anthem. On the other hand, they believe it's not because the NFL players hate America, or the anthem but mainly because they love and respect the United States and they see so many racial injustices. Miceal Bennett is a Seattle Seahawk player. He does talk about his daughter and the way that he has to let her know that just because of her skin color that she matters. He lets her know that she’s very important as others she is still the same as others. He teaches her to not let people interfere and judge her due to her skin color. This perspective also describes how the veterans have rights and they matter too and shouldnt be treated as hostiles. When people saw that they were kneeling during the game, people started booing and changing the channel etcetera. According to Trump disrespecting the flag he says“ get that son of bitch off the field right now.” He also says it has nothing to do with race. This is about black men protesting racial injustice. He was also saying that people should be fired from the NFL and shouldnt be able to play.

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According to Obama in 2016 he had a different view on this where he had an understanding to the NFL players kneeling. He doesn't agree that NFL players should be fired. He believes they should still have the right to play. He sees a different view from the one Trump is looking at. Obama describes how kneeling will bring pain to people because they will feel disrespected, but we don't know what pain the player can be going threw and his cause for kneeling. This is why he believes that football players shouldn’t be judged on the matter that they decided to kneel down. This national anthem causes a lot of culture war because these two people have their own opinions and views on kneeling.   

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