Definition and Causes of Poverty

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Poverty is a worldwide issue that we should try to stop. Poverty is really popular in some places and a person called Lyndon B Jonson probably lived in a place like that when he was little because he once said “when I was young, poverty was so common I didn’t know it had a name. Poverty is not having enough money to buy stuff like food, clothes, and things like that. If you live in poverty you don’t necessarily need to be homeless it’s the fact that you don’t have much money. Most people who live in poverty will buy most of their essentials from an op shop. Some children can’t go to school because of how poor they are. If you live in poverty at a young age it doesn’t mean when you’re older you won’t have a family a car, electricity, clothes, a job, a healthy family and a good supply of food because you can try to get a job get enough money to get living essentials and get on with your life.

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Data from a survey says that India, central Africa Republic, Burundi, Congo, Libera, Niger, Malawi are some of the country’s where poverty occurs the most. An Australian website says that nearly 2.2 billion children die of poverty a day. An English website says that One in two children go into poverty every minute, that’s a whopping 1440 billion children every DAY.

Causes of poverty

There are many causes of poverty, here’s just some examples overpopulation, war, too lazy, can’t earn enough, the area someone lives in, and crowded family’s. One thing that is really common is just simply growing up in poverty. Poverty can cause people hurt others and beg for money, food ect because they are embarrassed, sad, or mad. People in poverty are less likely to be able to by all of these things depending on the way they went into poverty food, toys, clothes, furniture, books and more.5 People in poverty are more likely to get illnesses and are less likely to live in areas with pools, sports grounds, jobs, and good shops, and more. An American website said that 70% of Syria’s population live in poverty and 60% was all for the same reason! A website called Quora says that poverty is not a condition but a situation someone ha someone lives in, I’m sure a lot of people would agree with this because it is very true. An Australian website says that 3.2 million Australians live in poverty and more than 3billion people live on less than $2.50 a day.

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