Definition and Examples of the "Internet of Everything"


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The internet of everything consists of four things: people, process, data and things. These four elements of the internet are used to make internet connections more helpful. This is mainly used in businesses to create richer experiences. In the future, internet connections will be used by machines because they are becoming smarter and have more access to data instead of just computers and laptops. By 2020 there are reported to be over 50 billion connected devices in the world. The internet of everything is also used by sensors to detect measurements. The internet of everything applies to the body and health, city and neighbourhood, industry and the environment. The Internet works by collecting valuable data using analytics to benefit the consumer. This makes it easier to make better decisions.

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An example of a device connected to the internet is a heart rate monitor. This is a small device that shows your heartbeat even when you are sleeping. They can indicate if you have an irregular heart beat and can automatically send it to your doctor. This can contribute to make people’s life easier because people can make huge changes to their lifestyles such as their diet. Also, as heart rate monitors detect irregular heartbeats it’s easier for doctors to analyse the problem. [image: ]Modern cars are equipped with sensors to check if the driver or passengers is wearing seatbelts, if air pressure in tyres are low or if brake fluid is low. Sensors work by measuring the current environment and respond to certain situations in a given time to trigger actions. Notifications will pop up on dash boards so drivers can see the problem identified with cars and can quickly go to local mechanics or a showroom depending on how serious the situation is. This is convenient to drivers because they’ll know that the car has a problem and break downs will not be unexpected.

This allows drivers to travel to destinations like work less stressfully and calmly in a defensive manner. Global impacts The internet of everything has a positive impact on the environment because thousands of households are saving money on electricity bills due to smart meters and people can monitor how much electricity is used per day. If we are using less electricity, there is a decrease in air pollution because less fossil fuels are being burnt therefore less carbon dioxide is trapped in the atmosphere which means it slows down the process of global warming. Another reason why it has a positive global impact is because the internet of things can indicate early warning signs of hazards such as earthquakes and tsunamis. This means that people know when to get out of the area and the people affected will receive effective aid from the emergency services. Potentially, this could save thousands of lives because it stops unexpected hazards. However, scientists are not always right to predict certain situations because in poorer countries, natural disasters are more common and they do not have the financial capital to invest in certain technologies. In England, where natural disasters like Earthquakes are low so scientists using IOE devices may have a relaxed approach when making predictions and as we live in a developed country, the effects will not be too significant such as number of deaths.

The Internet of things positive impacts UK because it keeps society safer. Devices such as cycle trackers and “smart locks” allows bike to be tracked by WIFI, Bluetooth and NFC. Analytics will show how far [image: ]you have rode. With this bike tacker, you can allow family members to share a particular bike and also track those who have rode your bike. If people have stolen your bike, you can see where the thief has gone to so you can contact the police and it will be much easier for thieves to be identified and arrested. Bike trackers are installed into handlebars which means it cannot be seen by thieves. This makes thieves think they are less likely to be caught. Instead of keys, users can use biometrics like fingerprint or passwords to keep bikes more secure as thieves may have tools to unlock a normal bike lock. In certain scenarios, bike thieves sell bikes and claim that they are owned by themselves but smart locks keep society safe by reducing people buying stolen low-quality bikes. Overall, the impact of the internet of everything is overwhelmingly positive because smart meters help protect the environment by helping customers monitor how much electricity is being used, earthquakes can be monitored so many people are alerted when there is risk of an earthquake which reduces the effects such as injuries and deaths and smart locks allow bikes to be tracked so you know where your bike is at all times even when stolen which keeps society safe from bike thieves. The four pillars of the IoE. The difference between IoE and IoT is that IoE is the intelligent connection of devices with four pillars: people, data, processes and data which helps businesses. The IoT stands for internet of things and is just one pillar of the four.

People – connecting to benefit someone’s life in a valuable way. This connects people in relevant ways. People can connect to the internet by PC, Smartphones, Tablets and Smart Tv. Smartphones and tablets allow us to communicate with friends and family no matter how large the distance. In the future, doctors may be able to prescribe pills that need to be swallowed which well monitor and report health to the doctor whilst having a secure internet connection. This pillar will definitely benefit pharmaceutical companies because diseases will be diagnosed quicker using sensors which increases the likelihood of patients surviving and being treated. This pillar has benefitted job growth because it allows companies to target and hire professionals who have the right skill and experience by advertising certain jobs online. Employing more workers allows businesses to grow and may mean more tasks are done or customer needs are met quicker. Since more jobs are created this benefits the economy since new innovative jobs are created. Customer satisfaction is improved with customers buying products or services over the Internet by using credit/debit card transactions. Smart trackers are used for customers to see where their product is or if it has been delayed. Advertising on online businesses like Amazon use cookies which allows Amazon to give valuable recommendations so targeting the right customers is even easier. Data – Data is raw information that is generated, stored and transmitted from one device to another.

Data is transported and shared including voice and text. Data is transmitted from one device to another. Data can be accessible to the public such as traffic measurements from multiple devices like radios. The Internet of everything will allow data to be merged together e. g. help manage road usage. This can be done by data from buildings and traffic levels can be merged together along with GPS data. As a result, a satnav can provide different routes such as fast routes and short routes. This can benefit a business because it makes it more convenient for shoppers trying to access your business as some people are not ideal with remembering directions. As customers are more aware of where the business is located, it leads to more purchases which increases a business’s revenue. The data in devices can also allow business to make better decisions and better recommendations that will benefit the consumer which is likely to help businesses grow as customer perceptions will be good. In the future, greater assessment of data will be made to make decisions even faster and relevant to the consumer so products can be designed specifically to customers. This allows business to charge a higher price for products because businesses are confident that customers will buy their product over competitors giving them a competitive advantage.

These connections are to help make better decisions and be productive. This is because network connections are becoming larger as internet connections allows users to communicate with one another such as talking to friends, work colleagues and family. Computer networks can benefit a business because the use of social media can allow a business to promote itself or allows work colleagues to set a target. In Fast food industries like McDonalds, customers can order by using huge touchscreens which also gives them the option to select what language and allows customers to pay by card instead of waiting a long queue at a till. This makes it easier for tourists that do not speak the language and therefore more convenient to customers. After they have made the order, consumers are given a number so they can collect their food that they previously ordered. Alternatively, customers may use the McDonalds apps that has the same features as the huge screens in store so they can just enter McDonalds and expect food to be made to collect.

Things -Physical devices and objects connected to the internet and each other for intelligent decision making; often called the Internet of Things. The smart devices are either large, small, complex or simple. An example of a physical device connected to the internet is a Smart meter. They are electric and gas metres that can digitally send accurate readings to your energy supplier such as British gas. They are sent to British gas using wireless technology. These are promoted by using a sales pitch. This is a presentation used to persuade someone into purchasing a smart metre in order to give information about the product or service. The internet of things can benefit a business particularly the operations department that is in charge of maximising efficiency and being more productive. Being more productive allows staff to keep up with demand which increases sales revenue and profit. IoT impacts the operations department because equipment can be monitored to see failures and scrap faulty products so they are not sold to customers. If less faulty products are made, costs will be saved because there is less wastage. Smart devices will be able to monitor electricity usage so firms can control how much electricity Is used as many firms leave lights on by accident which will be reduced when business switch to IoT.

This is because the work force will get more done in less time which leads to higher profits. Efficiency means consumers can track deliveries and the route by GPS and sensors. Customers can access the same data so they know when the orders have been dispatched. This allows workers to also focus and accomplish large scale tasks with better accuracy. The internet of everything also reduces the costs of a business because they don’t have to employ more staff because of an investment in “smart” devices. Businesses can also collect data by using sensors which allows them to monitor information. For example, farmers can monitor where and when they want to plant crops. Also, Rolls Royce have sensors in the engine that can data based on the engines function. The sensors can show if the engine is running smoothly or can even show if there any problems which can prevent accidents and can potentially save lives.

This can also impact businesses positively because investing in better machinery means a higher productivity which means businesses do not have to employ more staff. This means that he owners of businesses do not have to pay wages or salaries to employees. As a result of having low costs, a business could maximise its profits. However, machines use electricity and if the machines are always turned on this will mean that the costs of your bill will increase which can lower costs. Negative impacts on businessesHowever, the internet of everything has negative impacts on businesses.

One of the reasons is the privacy issues of the internet of everything. This means that connected smart devices used in businesses can easily be hacked and this can result in the company’s data being leaked such as videos and audio. Data can also be lost from important databases. In order for the data to be safe the business should: update to the most recent software, malware needs to be identified and unauthorized access needs to also be identified. Updates are crucial because new features enable devices to function effectively and can fix “bugs” in systems. Many companies hesitate when it comes to updating applications or their smart devices because notifications may be annoying but this leaves information open to hackers such as your financial history and other personal or sensitive information like employees addresses and purchase history. It is crucial that you invest in the best security possible because these types of businesses are targets for cyber criminals. Also passwords of the businesses should not be shared with anyone outside of the business world and passwords should include numbers, symbols, upper case and lower case letters.

The main way a website of business is hacked is called Brute Force Attack. This is where the hacker keeps guessing the password until the hacker gets it right. Hacking mainly impacts marketing in a business because hackers can redirect your site and to anything they want and if consumers access your website, they will automatically get sent to another website and they may lose trust and may go to rival competitors. If hackers gain access into a business’s computer systems this leads to negative publicity and the word of mouth is likely to spread quickly leaving customers shopping elsewhere resulting in a competitive disadvantage and lower sales. Another impact of IoE is valuable data can be lost at any given time as cyber attacks are becoming increasingly popular. Customer data can be lost as hackers can enter a system, look at certain files, change files and delete data. Important files to a business such as the finance graphs that show cash flow may be manipulated or devices that show workers productivity levels are changed which may be confusing and misleading. This can therefore affect decision making in a business since they can make wrong decisions based on false information without even realising it. Decision making is false due to many companies ignoring backing up useful data which is relatively easy and cheap to do.

This can be prevented by a number of methods such as using the cloud or external SSD hard drives. The cloud allows files to be kept safe in case of disaster recovery so you can regain access to your own information. Using the cloud allows workers to access information remotely and might be the cheapest option depending on the amount of space used. To be even safer, an external portable SSD hard drives which is portable allows files to be encrypted which makes it harder for hackers to access as it prevents unauthorised access by converting information into a code. Staff need to read the AUP which covers the issues of technology such as sharing passwords and the punishments for eavesdropping may lead to staff being dismissed. To conclude, the biggest impact on businesses is the way websites are not secure and can be hacked. In 2014, sixty per cent of online attacks was targeted in small to medium sized businesses. This is not surprising because they are the most vulnerable as they may not have the money to invest into network security. In order for businesses to protect their privacy, businesses need to tighten network security and they can do this by: expiring logins after a short period of time. Having strong passwords and not having them written down and passwords are changing. Secondly, businesses hold valuable data of customers and their employees which means data needs to be backed up for decision making or disaster recoveries such as a data breach from cyber criminals. If data is not backed up, decisions are not made based on customer requirements which can upset stakeholders and results in negative publicity. Consequently, customers will be lost and may purchase from your competitors.

Future Developments of IoE1. A future development of the internet of everything is Advanced Pay. This is where you can authorize a payment using facial recognition. This service will take place because in the UK alone, 66 percent of sales came from cards such as debit cards and credit cards. Advanced pay is an application which uses Wi-Fi. Once the application has been downloaded onto your device. The first stage is to take multiple pictures of your face using different poses and this new technology uses dots to examine your facial features such as your face shape and eyes. After this stage is complete, your photo of your face will be added onto a database.

Then, you will need to complete a forum that states your bank and card details so that when you go to a retailer you can purchase essentials by looking into a webcam for less than second until your face has been recognised. As a result of this future development, you don’t need to use traditional payments such as cash, credit or debit cards and contactless payment. One main advantage of using facial recognition for payment is the significant improvements in security because the 110 dots will be able to detect fake ID which will reduce the amount of credit card fraud in UK. This has now been developed in China but may be released in the coming years in Fast Food chains such as KFC. 2. Another future development of the internet of everything is a smart beam.

This acts as a portable personal projector that transforms images and videos from your phone to a wall just by turning the smart beam on by the power switch and connecting your smart phone with a USB lead. This new type of technology traces images and videos and displays it onto any wall using its lenses. The smart beam uses holograms to create a 3D image using lights. This allows you select icons without physically touching your phone. The images or videos can expand up to 100 inches depending on how comfortable you are. This is useful because you can show content anywhere such as movies, gaming and video calling. This allows it to help adults helping children with education and make education more fun for students. Smart Beam will help who are visually impaired because teaching videos from YouTube or tutorials can be shown on walls and allows consumers to zoom into images for more detail.

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