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Friends help get you through rough parts of your life and also stay around for the good times. No matter your situation, everyone has had friends in their lifetime, and these friends shape the way one as an individual will live in the future. Relationships require a lot of energy and effort and it’s always a perquisite to have at least one in a lifetime. With Ariadna, me and her experience miss-communication due to misunderstandings in our social group, there’s also the dedication of time that not all members of the group might benefit from—but both Andrea and Ariadna have dedicated some of their time to keep in touch, and they both differ a lot in terms of personalities when they are around me and other people.

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Communication is a big skill that requires trust from both known parties. Me and Andrea have clear communication skills where we are open to each other and have consistently relied on each other for years for both emotional and physically feelings when something would happen to either of us. Unlike Andrea, I’ve known Ariadna since birth because our close family bonds, Ariadna is a really closed up individual so her communication skills are not the best, especially under pressure, we have miscommunicated in the past for cultural differences such as having a lighter or darker skin color. My family and hers were raised in Venezuela, that said my skin color was supposed to be more than tan, but because of our past ancestry my skin is lighter than usual, Ariadna—also raised in Venezuela—her skin is naturally more tan, and because of this conflict it opens a weakness in me because she would easily call me out that, ‘(I wasn’t) Hispanic enough to be called Venezuelan.’ We have worked out our differences though and come to terms on how we are both really different physically and in personality wise, it has really shown that if we talked our problems out it’ll always work out at the end.

Time management is an immense issue with teenagers nowadays, as high school students we barely even have time to socialize outside of school. Both Andrea and Ariadna are considerate of their time. Although Andrea does have some difficulty because of her college schedule we all agree on meeting up during the weekends or family events, this not only to see each other but to tell each other our issues and major events going on in our lives, we’ve basically grown out to be a lot more close because of our emotions—this kind of emotional support we have with each other allows for me to have both of them really close to my heart and because of that I’ll always manage to create time just to see them. In the same way, Ariadna has made time for both of us, she lives a bit further from us, but we still managed to communicate once a day to check on one-another.

Personalities give incredible character to individuals and their lives; character qualities influence each individual in society. Andrea is a very shy person who will shy away at any social event or gathering with any friendly groups—unlike Andrea, Ariadna is a very confident person, almost everyone who meets her loves her immediately and it's because of her energetic and confident attitude towards everything. These two people that have two completely opposite personalities, they made me grow up with a personal balance of self-confidence and tranquility when time is right. Even though we come from a very close families it allowed for us to figure out ourselves more and that’s what set us to what we are right now.

Friendships are a significant piece of each individual's life; they can significantly affect an individual's relational abilities and confidence levels. There is no genuine meaning of friendship, the fact that there's no way you can characterize it—companionships can mean a wide range of things, contingent upon the person. To have a decent kinship you must have trust and to have that trust you must know the individual well enough to trust them in the first place.

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