Definition of Academic Dishonesty - Short Description


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Cheating in schools impacts pupils, educators, any school and the education system. Academic dishonesty is such a serious and complicated problem because it results in a destroyed image of your individual self , professional and academic reputation, legal and monetary repercussions, and plagiaristic work.

First of all, intellectual dishonesty is so harmful because it contributes to the loss of credibility among graduates, experts and educators. Plagiarism may cause academic reproduction such as expulsion or being dropped from a class The academic record of a history of academic dishonesty may indicate a bad show of who you are as a person. Plagiarism is extremely serious in classrooms, colleges and universities. Plagiarism may cause damage in a successful entrepreneur, leader or public figure. In addition to being able to terminate or quit their current position, they undoubtedly will find it difficult to find a better, respectable job. According to their offense and their standing in the public domain their reputation may become tainted and any successful career unlikely. Publishing is an aspect of a reputable university career. The most possible lack of publication means the end of the place in the institution and its prestige.

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Secondly, Academic Dishonesty is such a severe complication because of legal and monetary repercussions.The legal implications of plagiarism can be very important. There are complete copyright laws. Without quotation or reference, you can not use the material of another person. An author is entitled to prosecute a plagiarist. Some plagiarism can also be considered a crime, which may lead to a prison sentence. People who write for a living are especially sensitive to plagiarism issues such as journalists or authors. Those who write sometimes must always be careful not to make mistakes. Writers are familiar with copyright laws and methods of prevention of plagiarism. Plagiarizing is a serious ethical and probably law problem as a professional writer. Many recent news reports and articles have exposed reporters, writers, public figures and researchers to plagiarism. In the case of a plagiarist being sued by the author, a money restitution can be granted. In the event the offending pestilent may have to impose monetary penalties if a journalist works for a magazine, news or other publisher or even a student is found plagiarizing in school.

Thirdly, Academic Dishonesty is such a crisis because of plagiarized research. Plagiarizing is already egregious on its own, but certain forms makes it so completely intolerable. An example of this nefarious kind of plagiarism is copying research. Copying research, depending on the kind, can risk lives like medical research. Plagiarism of any kind is severely hindering to yourself, regardless of if you get caught or not. You’re tainting your ability as well as your opportunity to learn and achieve the most you’re capable of by plagiarizing.

In conclusion, academic dishonesty constitutes a difficult and serious problem because it ruins your individual, academic, and professional reputation, leads to monetary and legal repercussions, and plagiarized work. By being dishonest with your work you’re not only bringing down your teachers will to teach, but also your will to be honest in the future as well as learn.

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