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Everyone strives for success. But to decide how to achieve it, you must first determine what success is. When people are asked which organizations they consider to be successful, most call famous business giants. However, thinking about the definition of success, you conclude that size and profitability are not always criteria for organizational success. Organizations are created to achieve specific goals. And if the enormous size is not one of its goals, then a small company in its own way can be considered no less successful than a giant one. Therefore what are the factors influencing the company to be successful? Because of the reason that Success is a thing intangible, everyone has its own view of it. But in my opinion, success is something deeper than external factors, such as money. I have a view of success depending on internal factors in terms of employees and organizational behavior, besides the company image. From the internal factors, there are consequences of external factors. A healthy company inside will be able to compete more with other companies that are profitable, but not healthy. This paper will be discussed about each internal factor in detail and shown why it is important and how brand image influences the hotel.

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The stability of the global market is constantly discussed and usually inclined to disappointing forecasts. However, even in times of crisis, there are hotels and restaurants that not only managed to stay afloat, but also grew. Such stability allowed attracting new customers, further strengthening the market, increasing loyalty to their activities. But what was the secret to the success of the company? The company was likely promoted by skillful leaders? Or is there a logical explanation for all this, can success be studied, and the knowledge gained be further applied in practice? It turns out that the secret to a company’s success depends on some factors. Generally key to the success of a company depends on how the inside of the company is organized, besides on how it is shown to the outside world. The success of the hospitality business primarily depends on what kind of people work in it. This means that employee recruitment and worker performance play a crucial role in the companies profits and costs. Organizational skills are of particular importance in the field of management. The company should establish standards by which the quality will be shown, service culture to motivate the employees, organization of the environment to work productively. But on the other side, the outside image has a big role as well.

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The main factor which affects the success of a hospitality business is employees. A high-quality product and a successful brand are, of course, important, but the main role is still played by talented employees. Any product can be copied, any technology reproduced. The only thing that definitely cannot be repeated is the people who will ensure the business moves forward. Especially in the hospitality industry, where customers come to have unforgettable experiences delivered by staff.

Employee recruitment influences the companies costs and profits, in terms of employee satisfaction therefore to the turnover. Setting a clear job description has a big influence because when an employee comes to a job he should be 100% acknowledged about his work. A person who applies for a job has his own expectations which have to match. If a person is hired and finds out that there is a mismatch between the job requirements and actual work he will probably become unsatisfied with the job. This means their work will be not productive or they will find another job. Also, it is common when employers show only positive parts of the work, without mentioning the negative ones (Hayton, 2019). Some workers maybe not ready for some kind of situation. It can affect their satisfaction because it will pressure them and even worse force them to quit the job. This kind of situation has an impact on the companies costs, the hotel regularly has to spend resources on replacing the person who quits the job. Here is what Maxim Nogotkov(2012), the founder of Svyaznoy, the youngest Russian billionaire, says on this occasion: “I believe that the right people’s appointments give the highest profit. The secret to success is the right people in the right places with the right motivation”. In my opinion, every person has his own place, the only thing is to find it afterward he will be able to bring the most profit.

The next thing which should be considered important is employee performance. It is more crucial in the hospitality industry because staff members interact with the customers directly and the resource which satisfies the customers are the employees. So managers of the company have to be always concerned about the work of their team and how to improve it (Essays, 2018). There are different kinds of employees, who have high performance and low performance. There is a book which was written by the HR Manager of Netflix in which she narrates about staff treatment. The author of the book, Patty McCord (2018), believes that the heart of a company relies on its employees. But, she also states that any company should be ready for the loss of staff. They do staff reductions regularly, even though the economy is stable. It is really important to offload the workers who have low productivity. People whose performance is high are appreciated. There are a lot of rewards that motivate a person to work harder. In the hospitality world, there can be a person who always is at pains to exceed guest expectations and a person who just makes his job. It plays a crucial role, to motivate a person to do more rather than just finishing his work.

The second major factor that companies should consider gently is organizational behavior. Organizational skills are of particular importance in the field of management states Troshina (n.d.). Organizing the work environment and the workflow plays a crucial role in productiveness. At the same time, it is quite important to set a service culture by which the employees will be able to deliver the service by certain standards as well as it will motivate them.

The organization of the environment has a considerable impact on the performance of the team. As an example, one of our teachers told that when she was working in the sales&marketing department firstly they had tables which were not blocked from each other. As a consequence, they were able to talk with each other and they were not concentrated on their work. After a while, the company decided to change the environment of the department, so they moved to another office. In that office, every table had “walls” which was blocking the path of “easy” talking. Therefore, the whole productivity of the department rapidly increased, because everyone was concentrated on their own work. This case shows that the environment affects the work effectivity, so the companies should consider which environment will suit best for different departments. Moreover, the organization refers to the distribution of duties and tasks between members of the team. The success of all activities, the productivity of work, depends on how accurately the manager distributes work tasks. Giving rewards is also a good technic to encourage the workers. Knowing that you will be appreciated and will have something useful really motivate people to come with new ideas, new products, new methods. By using timetables, charts, collecting data the progress can be seen.

The company has to make an effort to organize everything in the company to work productively. The employees should know the goal of the organization and also how to achieve that goal. The company has to create its own service culture and standards which should be followed by every single who is in the company and who has a partnership with it. Standards of the company are necessary to knowledge the employees about how the processes should be held and it really aims organizations which have branches in different places. Standards help to manage right alongside their quality, safety, intellectual property, and environmental policies. By these policies, companies decide the priorities. Service culture determines how the service will be delivered. For example, the Ritz Carlton’s (n.d.) service value is “I am proud to be Ritz-Carlton” and the promise states that Ladies and Gentlemen are the most important resource in their service commitment to the guests. It shows how elegant is the brand, and the employees are the ones who show this luxury to the guests. By creating this service culture they encourage their staff in the way they need. So, service culture sets standards that show the spirit of the hotel.

A hotel that sets itself the goal of becoming the best, gaining appreciation, and maintaining its high status, pays great attention to such trifles as outside image. After all, as you know, the first opinion of the enterprise is formed by its appearance and how the company sells itself. It is important for any boss that view makes an impression on the potential guests.

Corporate image is one of the most important assets of an organization. It shows the value of the company for customers and assures them that they are buying from the best. Moreover, it influences the attitudes of not only customers but also employees, media, analysts, influencers, etc. towards an organization. It is difficult to build a strong corporate image in a highly crowded and competitive environment, and it is much more difficult to regain it if the image has got tarnished due to certain reasons. “Bad reputation of the company grows like weeds in a garden,’ Davis Young (1996). To make an image of the hotel, mostly in big ones, the PR department should be established well. Public relations make an image not only for the guest but also for the partners, suppliers, new employees, and in general saying to everyone. By this image, people share information and more people know about the company.

On the other side of the company, sales&marketing departments set values for the guests and sell the product, in our situation the rooms and facilities. Customers will not go to a company, where the values are not alike to their values. For example, guests who are on the side of eco products will probably choose one of the most eco-friendly hotels and will stay far away from hotels with a big amount of pollution or energy-consuming. It is crucially important to set your potential guests’ image and to be able to sell the,m the product. Also, the role of marketers in hospitality is to increase the loyalty of the guests, through programs or anyThe hotels activities. The hotel’s 80% of nue comes from 20% of the guests’ as per the Pareto principle. So, the loyalty of that 20% of customers is key. Marketers spend a great deal of time building good relationships with them (Hussung, 2019)


At the end of the day, the success of a hospitality-related company can depend on different outside factors, such as location, etc. Even though, it is not as important as the inside structure of the company. Leaders should always be more concentrated on the employees, organization, setting brand image, and the quality of a product. Generally, if these three factors are done well, the business will be ongoing and have a healthy inside structure.    

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