Deforestation a World Environment Problem

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Deforestation, 7 billion trees each year, 2.5 million daily, 56000 every minute, but these are simply numbers, to help put this into perspective this equates to more than 48 football fields cut down every minute. This equates to more than 48 football fields cut down every minute. Every day, we print something on a piece of paper we sit on our furniture at our desks. However, do we ever consider where all this paper and wood is coming from? Deforestation has detrimental consequences and yet some people still believe it is beneficial. I strongly believe that deforestation

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needs to be more closely regulated on a global scale there are multitudes of reasons to support this change. As by degrading all these forests, we are not only jeopardizing all the benefits that they provide for us but we are endangering thousands of species daily and contributing to the fuel of global warming. Once you take the time to reflect on the facts, you too will agree that we need to act before the damage of deforestation is irreversible.

Have you ever considered how important forests are in our world? The trees in our surrounding seem unimportant as we go about our daily lives. But when you think about it trees are everywhere your furniture paper you write ob fruit you eat even the air you breathe comes from trees. We as consumers rely heavily on trees for resources. 

But the importance of forests stretches way beyond the simple wants of ours. Trees are vital. As the biggest plants on the planet, they provide us with oxygen, store carbon, stabilize soil and give life to the world's unique wildlife. So why are we still cutting down these amazing gifts that don't stop giving as undoubtedly we couldn't live without cutting some down but not at the rapid unsustainable rate we are something needs to change.

Consider this, why is it called vandalism when we destroy something created by man, but when we destroy something created by nature we call it progress. Deforestation is one of the leading causes of climate change and species extinction. Trees play an integral role in controlling the climate with 1 acre of forest absorbing 200 tons of carbon dioxide. But when these trees are burnt and destroyed all the carbon that they once where storing is released back into the air and contributes to 20% of the worlds carbon emissions. 

So why are we still debating what can prevent out changing climate when we are still destroying natures. Our attitude toward forests seeing them only as future cinemas or the next big money maker is having detrimental consequences not only on our environment but majorly on our wildlife. Forests are home to over 70% of the worlds plant and animal species. which are integral in our eco-system and provide countless service for us humans. 

Take the, for example, our insatiable hunger for products like the delicious chocolaty goodness I have stashed under my bed, are having incomprehensible consequences as the once bustling forests of orangutangs are now shrinking to none. Due to our constant hammering of their homes for such a replaceable thing as palm oil.

It is easy to think that you as one single person cant make a difference with an issue as overwhelming and devasting as deforestation. But sometimes all it takes is one person to start a local, national or even global movemnet.there are many things we can do as individuals to initiate action. An example of this is avoiding products containing palm oil, it is estimated that 50% of products in the supermarket contain palm oil, this contributes to more than 40% of annual deforestation. 

So by making even this small change, you are already having an impact on the demand for the product. by buying responsibly sourced products whether it's ensuring your next pair of gold earrings are made from recycled gold or you are purchasing recycled toilet paper there are purchases everyone can choose to avoid to help save the forests. Another big thing we can do to help is letting people know spread the stories and helping create a bigger awareness of the consequential effects of deforestation. 

But if we are going to stop deforestation we need the governments to do their part. This can just start with cracking down on corruption and ensuring fair enforcement for forest conservation. But beyond the rule of law, we need these big corporations that have the ability to make a difference to step forward and become accountable for their productions and making sure they are doing it in a way that isn't fueling deforestation. I'm sure you can see that there are multitudes of things we can do to halt the escalating effects of deforestation before it is irreversible. So we should start now.

Deforestation has become a huge concern in today's world. The deforestation of natural forests is escalating at enormous rates. Trees are being cut down in order to manufacture paper, products as well as making space for new developments and livestock. As the population is ever increasing so is the hunger and need for money, power and resources. 

Which is having detrimental impacts on our wildlife and fragile eco-system. forests provide many benefits for us humans that stretch way beyond our want for smoother chocolate such as oxygen and the purification of our air. But at the current unsustainable rate, we are harvesting these forest if major steps aren't taken towards afforestation then even the great adaptability of humans may not be enough to cope with the harsh conditions of the future. Deforestation does have its solutions. But it requires not only the government but us as individuals to step forward and take action Because each of us can make a difference but together we can make a change.

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