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On daily bases, the world becomes more easy and stressless place to be. As we improve in technology so also living become more comfortable. Now adays, you can get whatever you needed at the comfort of your home. Through online shiping. This is a glorious innovation that give people the opportunity to purchase things comfortably at home. No more visiting multi stores to locate the product of your choice, no more problem with an sales person that are over enthusiasts, no more long stand in a que at the counter for check out. As good as this process is there is a major shortcoming associated with this process. this is majorly based on delivery and logistics. when a product will be delivered is a major predicament which constantly discourage people involved in online purchase. The e-commerce platform all have system for tracking order of their customers but they are not accurate in there dilevery most time.

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Am exited to let you know that Gone are the days when product order delivery had been burdensome and stressful. Am as well happy to inform you that with a minimized cost, your ordered product can be brought to your door post at the agreed time of delivery. The best platform that delivers to Time is geeba. Ahmed Mohamedali the founder of this wonderful platform saw the need to bridge this gap and he did by putting up this platform which Aim at developing solutions with renewable city logistics which will serve directly centralized extended and chain of supply with full extension.


There are several advantages attached when you take geeba as your delivery platform. Some of this great benefits include;

To start with, reduction in the price of delivery. The rate of delivery of ordered product is relatively high and that is one of the major reason why geeba is here to serve with a reduced price to the bearest minimum. Geeba will develop an ecosystem that is decentralized which Will enable various businesses to minimize the cost of dilevery that are local with the backing of blockchain, vehicle that are autonomous and and hubs that are smart.

Further more, Our ecosystem works as an enabler of growth for retailers empowerment and make available an opportunity without limit to the retailers that involves in shipping products with the method of community centric.

We have made available the previlage to invest in this project as your contributions will be converted to token and a certain amount of cryptocurrency will be awarded to all contributors after the ICO. When the ICO is over, all our contributors will be given an ERC20 which can be exchanged for the token of geeba on the network of ethereum.

Conclusively on this note, our service is flexibe and efficient. We run a twenty four hours service.

Honestly, there is nothing as comfortable as knowing that your goods will be delivered as at the right time and am pretty sure that no body does is better than geeba. Because it’s the best.

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