Democracy and Puritanism Have Failed Women Rights

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The Puritans were oppressed and persecuted by the monarchy; the solution they found to get over of this situation was to establish an Electoral College to choose who will be elected better than electing people by general vote. This indirectly signifies persisting in the path of gender perspective because, the chosen elect was a male candidate from their states so; it witnessed a total absence of females.

Modern America adopts this system which means that Puritanism succeeded in implanting their ideas in American’s sub-consciousness (Bercovitch, 1993). This system gave more weight to outliers in the regions of middle as Michigan or Ohio, It robbed then the major party applicants in other states to gain their definite benefit and gives the third party candidates the opportunity to be looters. (Daniel J. Lee, Political Research Quarterly , pp138-150). Thus, countries with a parliamentary system struggled less from the spoilers and the obstacle of women’s exclusion, where the multiple parties can agree to support one another’s leader in alliance (Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), 2004. ‘Women in Parliaments 2003’. Release No. 183)

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Therefore, a quota system will promote female's chances of leading and it requires just few parliamentary seats. As member of parliamentarian or deputy, women then will be provided the chance to improve their political capacities and create skilled female legislators who are ready to run for high office. (H. Williams, Gender Equality and Comparative Constitutional Law. Cambridge University Press, 2009).

In the US no such quotas exist, the percentage of the House and Senate seats held by women is about 20%, and it has never reached 35% as considered a critical force. Affirmative mechanisms are highly unpopular and unlikely to be legislated. Women after acquiring their right to vote, they fulfilled several functions, but lacked equal participation in the political sphere. Only males were chosen as community leaders and ministers. Quotas don’t advance unqualified women. 

Instead, it removes the in-group favoritism so qualified women can advance (The World Economic Forum, 2016) “Democracy has failed women,” Drude Dahlerup, a professor of political science and a global consultant on electoral systems and gender quota systems said about females “In spite of recent increases, 100 years of women’s suffrage has not fundamentally changed male dominance in politics in the old democracies.”( Has Democracy Failed Women?,2017) 

However, Despite of this change , women could have access to those positions that were only occupied by males, but their work conditions and choices were still restricted. Anya Jabour Regents, Professor of History at The University of Montana, published in the journal of THE CONVERSATION that, in 1913, The State of Illinois granted women the right to vote, six women came to the regional office, along with four delegates from the Woman's City Club. Women voters went to vote in high numbers, disproving the claim of the doubters that they had no right to vote for women. Furthermore, females vote regularly. Appointed for 'excellent administration,' and once the votes were counted, women were deceived by the results. None of the candidates won enough votes to have a position, leaving as usual male politicians. Women activists have launched a new mission to reform American politics without being outraged by this failure. (Anya Jabour Regents, 2016) . 

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