Democratic Leadership: a Path to Success in Modern Organizations

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Democratic Leadership in Pakistani Culture
  • Organizational Environment These Days
  • Technological Invasion
  • Communication Changes That Have Taken Place
  • Reflection Page
  • Conclusion


Democratic leadership style is where workers and group members actively participate in an activity to achieve their desired aims and objectives. In this leadership style workers are motivated and encouraged to participate in group activity and also in decision making skills. This provides two way communication between the leader and their group mates sharing and expressing their ideas, views and expressions. This strengthens their decision making skills and innovative capabilities to think in more diversified manner. Researchers believe that this the most creative way where workers may have mutual understanding of their surroundings and exchange of mindset to increase their participative version at workplace to achieve desired standards set by the leader.

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There’s an ownership in the task where it portrays that workers feel lots of sense of responsibility in accomplishing their goals and desire to present their best. It conveys strong vision of employees who may have been given delegation of authority as they can lead the entire team effectively by maintaining cohesion among themselves and productivity at their best.

Democratic Leadership in Pakistani Culture

As Pakistan is heading towards prosperity and growth there is a rapid change in adaptability of technological advancement. The centralized system is no more fulfilling the need of modern workforce where delegation of authority, risk taking ability, and decisive skills for workers ranks the top priority despite of their daily wages and salaries. In such system powers are centralized and risk bearing patterns are owned by few dominating individuals. To overcome such old style the workers demand for more participative leadership style where they could earn more respect with reference to the task delegated to them and could flourish their decisive skills to meet uncertain challenges.

A company wishes to expand its operation capacity and built another plant for expansion. It may take suggestions from the respective department managers including production manager who could better suggest company by looking at future forecast demand for particular products for the company. If the company is capable to produce as to meet the foreseeable demand for future 10 years and covering the plant set up costs and earning multiple times than they have financed it would likely to exercise this option. That’s how a production manager can be helpful in assisting the expansion capacity by democratic way of leadership where exchange of ideas and thoughts are willingly shared and mutually aim to satisfy the corporate sector’s need efficiently.

Organizational Environment These Days

These days organizations have split their workloads either in teams or in groups. Team based work is efficiently being carried because there is no hierarchy or structural formation therefore no chain of command. Every worker think independently and suggests new solutions to company despite of their qualification they make the best of their skills in utilizing them to bring innovative ideas to obsolete the previous change. This is more creative approach in determining the strategies where workers can get rid of group think approach which lead to further group shift. Workers from different departments participate in joint ventures where cost reduction is low and output is at its maximum.

Technological Invasion

Technology has all to do with modern era and its acceptance is never ignored. It supports democratic leadership style because the use of technology requires two way communications in the process and feedback. This is only possible with this leadership style where workers give spontaneous feedback of the process which is being performed and the results which is generated after the process accomplishment.

Example: In modern days corporate use an ERP system for their auto updated inventory and warehouse management. In such way employees need to be trained to run an auto updated system and has to provide regular response and feedback to the supervisor or senior manager. This is the true resemblance of democratic leadership style unlike in the centralized system where orders are highly prioritized and neither there is any potential feedback nor two way communication.

Communication Changes That Have Taken Place

With the implementation of democratic leadership style the communication has become two way communication. This is because this communication system has proven to be more quicker as it provide the immediate feedback and generally less time consuming. This improves quality enhancement of production line and strengthens the trust worthy relationship between a co-worker and employer.

Reflection Page

Workplace challenges vary from industry to industry and corporate to corporate. The implementation of new system software like Oracle or SAP may cause serious challenge inside organizational changes as the workers may be reluctant to accept the new phase and may show some resistance to it due to being redundant. Workers may refuse to work by going to strike or slow down production process. In such way democratic leadership style help the employers in persuing the workers regarding their job security and skill enhancement at workplace. This increases trustworthy relationships and represent true way of motivating labours reducing their fear of job redundancy. This could be the possible way to overcome such organizational challenges by using this democratic leadership style in an effective way.


Overall, democratic leadership style gives freedom to workers to work as per their ease and flexibility of workload. This way the work does not get hectic and employer guides the workers on each and every stage and receives timely feedback as per their performance and on the basis of the newly introduced technology or any adaptive change. Hence, the democratic leadership style is the most effective way in contributing to persuit of excellence in society, corporate and employee worker relationships. That’s how growth perspectives can be successfully achieved on mass scale economy.

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