Democratic Leadership and Other Styles: Impact on Employee Performance

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  • Introduction
  • Thesis
  • Evidence
  • Conclusion


Generally, it normally happens unfathomed fact that leadship in organization is one of the key subject when it comes to how best worker can perform. The type of leadership, whether it's autocratic leadership or democratic leadership also matters. The root of a prosperous growth and work commitment among employees is bestowed on effective styles pertaining superintendence. The managers and top team in any firm should always observe the structure of headship being employed in the entire departments and to all subjects. It is a great pleasure to embrace proper forms of control skills since this will enhance cooperation and performance among the employees. Moreover, the general out of the firm can be ascertained.

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The bone of contention in this paper is to primarily discuss in an argumentative manner the effect that leadership styles has on the general performance of works or rather, employees.


The main styles of governorship that happen to be common are autocratic leadership and democratic leadership. Talking about the first type of leadership, it is authoritative in nature and the workers in an organization are not given time or space to express themselves. Besides, the important decisions are always made from the top management and everyone in the firm is pushed to observe, respect and follow. This style is extremely unfair when it comes to the subjects in an organization. This is because, the employees normally develop a sense of low self esteem due to inferiority complex. Their contribution therefore is expected to be poor due t lack of motivation. Nevertheless, this kind of headship is very vital especially when the top controllers want to make a fast conclusion.

The other style of premiership which is democratic allows the employees to participate in decision making alongside other key issues in the organization. Because of this, workers feel appreciated and their efforts considered by the top administrative leaders. This instill a sense of superiority and confidence in employees. The best results is thus expected and eventually realized from them. This males the activities of the organization to run fairly smooth with limited hurdles since cooperation is enacted among everybody .However, this type of leadership promotes time wastage when it cones to decision making. This is because, people must reach to a consensus in the whole firm before the top management execute planned agenda.


In conclusion, it is very valid to use the right type of leadership to the right audience and the right time. This is so because a wrong choice of leadership style may results to crumbling down of the organization. Every style is important in one way or another depending on what the management seek to achieve. It follows that, a proper advice should be given to the team managing the unit on how to employ these control styles in order to preserve the contribution and accomplishments of the workers. 

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