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Computer Science was never a mere plug and chug for me. Besides the intense passion to learn the ‘new’, the avidity to find answers of the ‘unanswered’ has been part and parcel of my interaction with the subject. Computer Science started whispering endearments during school days and I am proud to say that it is rather my metier today.

The lion’s share of my knowledge was gained in the pursuit of B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) from Bangalore University and my career as a software developer at Infosys. The rigorous degree program provided me with opportunities to learn nitty-gritty of Computer Science and something that I call ‘metacognition’.

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The most iconic of all projects was the ‘Implementation of Multidevice Interleaved Boost Converter for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles’. The responsibility of my team was to craft the design aspects of two phase interleaved boost converter. Leading the project with utmost courage and integrity, we successfully completed the daunting task of carrying out simulation studies with MATLAB/SIMULINK. Attending the IEEE S-PAC was rewarding in terms of gaining insights about the academic and professional environ in the domain of Computer Science & Engineering.

With an intention to pass on the knowledge gained from the aforementioned project, I wrote a technical paper named ‘Simple and Efficient Implementation of Two-phase Interleaved Boost Converter for Renewable Energy Source’ which was published in an IJETAE journal. Furthermore, I rewarded myself by bagging the opportunity to present a technical paper named ‘Design and Simulation of PWM-fed Two-Phase Interleaved Boost Converter for Renewable Energy Source’ at the International Conference of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication (ICEEDC), 2013.

Different projects opened the door for the fresh air of learning to come in and I absorbed it all. During my traineeship at Cognizant, I worked on a project named ‘Outreach’ which enhanced my understanding of using DotNet technology and SQL server as Back End. In addition, I also gained industrial experience while working at the IT department of Bhadravati Steel Plant.

With an intense love for learning, I have become eloquent enough to express myself through different languages (C, C++, Java, C#), VHDL, MATLAB, MPLAB, and MI-Power. My recent achievements include completion of ‘Eprocess’ project which uses DotNet and SQL to facilitate backup recovery at ease. At present, I am involved with the creation of a ‘Merger and Acquisition’ tool for Infosys.


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