Dependence of Happiness on Money

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Love is an intense feeling of deep feeling that helps connect two unconnected people. The casting of this bond requires an investment of time, faith, and goodwill, apart from an equal desire on both sides to explore a possible common road. They come to know to each other, like each other, help and care for each other, enjoy each other’s company, learn about how to deal with each other’s quirks, and slowly move to a point where they may feel the other person is an absolutely integral, inseparable part of their life.

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Money doesn’t figure anywhere in that process, does it? Sure, it could make things easier and more fun at some places — allowing them to buy each other expensive gifts or visit scenic places together, for instance — but that’s all. Moreover, they can have a good time together without or with less of that money as well; if, on the other hand, there is a revolting force between them, no amount of money can change that to bring them closer. That’s why it is said that money can’t buy you, love. You buy commodities, love isn’t a commodity. You buy experiences, love is so much more than experiences. essentially, you can only buy stuff that has been assigned a fixed value to, love is not that either because it is highly personal. Purchasing is a one-time activity, you give something and you get something. Emotional relationships are a long-time, continuous investment; sometimes you get a little back, sometimes a lot, and sometimes nothing. Love always works as a two-way road. “you reap what you sow”.

While certainly true that money can purchase healthcare and medicine, it cannot replace natural health once it’s gone. At the same time, activities like exercise, preventative medicine, and natural self-care cost little to nothing.

It’s saddening to see celebrities spend unbelievable amounts of money in the vain attempt to keep their “natural beauty”. First off, aging is natural beauty; wrinkling is natural beauty; grey hair is a natural beauty. On the contrary, are surgical procedures that implant plastic and various other medicinal substances into the body natural beauty? This is not at all-natural. More importantly, even all of the money in the world combined cannot revoke the damage caused by smoking, drug abuse, cancer, and a thousand other health problems which destroy one’s quality of life. Of course, if you are rich enough you can afford an organ donation. But what is kind of life does one have fighting AIDS, cancer, a dead liver, destroyed lungs, or a brain tumor caused by saturating yourself with pesticides, herbicides, and other life-destroying chemicals? Money is an essential energy booster needed to see you through your life smoothly. It gives you a status symbol and you are placed in an elevation in the society. You can buy the best things available and your materialistic possessions give you a sense of elation. But is money the -be-all -in -life and is it enough if you have a big bank balance and many enviable things which only money can get you? A deceased person will always be remembered by the loving memories they had shared and their goodwill, not his/her money. 

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