Dependence of Society on Technology


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If you look anywhere or go outside, you will often find technology. It is all around us. Most of us have a smartphone within our pockets or a laptop in school bags. Individuals say that we are too dependent on technology, but I disagree. We use technology every day for entertainment convenience and education, but there are infinite other possibilities. We aren’t using technology to its full potential. Technology is not the problem, it’s the way we are utilizing this tool.

Our lives are very simple now that we have the help of technology. In the past, we were cavemen living a hunter-gatherer lifestyle but now, we can obtain food at the store, and some robots provide assistance in our lives and do chores for us. There is an endless amount of entertainment technology has to offer, with famous companies such as Netflix, Youtube or DAZN, there is more reason to spend time in your bed or couch. You can watch your favorite movies or shows without much concern. Technology has even designed games to replicate sports such as tennis, golf, or bowling. You can do any of these activities indoors, despite the weather or season. Shopping has become effortless and time-saving now that you can order items online or purchase consumables without leaving your shelter. Others will deliver food and items to your doorstep.

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Technology helps us learn new things with websites and online videos that explain any concept clearly. There are websites such as Khan Academy or Prodigy that teach subjects for free. Schools are using Google Classroom to give out assignments and using youtube videos to educate. With access to laptops and computers in schools, there are additional resources to find correct answers. Help with homework can be given without adults, children can use the WWW to research online. This allows them to be more independent.

Technology is not being used to its full potential we can use it more than just business, can be used to help our planet because our Earth is at risk. There are multiple catastrophic issues such as global warming, sea pollution, and yet, our main concern is money. There is an infinite universe that is undiscovered, minerals that can potentially solve many everyday problems and lower the prices of currently expensive gadgets. If we can mine asteroids, we can get access to pricey minerals such as gold, nickel, and iron. Almost half the global population doesn’t have access to modern-day technology and a handful can make use of this appliance and create a positive difference. We can focus on achieving these goals and receive many beneficial rewards.  

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