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How has progress in Western Civilization affected the world today? The idea of progress can be viewed differently in many ways by different people. There are many different ideas of progress and many different ways to show it. The most important idea of progress is throughout Western Civilization. The many ideas of progress include technology, religion, beliefs, money, language and ways of thinking. All of these ideas are aspects of the most important progress, human progress.

Humanity and Evolution. One of the most interesting topics of western civilization. There has been much progress in the way of living since the 1400s. In the 1400s it was a normal thing to be naked all the time. Everyone would talk naked, sleep naked, walk naked, and even gather goods naked. This was all done with the least amount of coverage that anyone was comfortable with. 1“Arawak men and women, naked, tawny and full of wonder, emerged from their villages on to the islands beaches…” At that age and time, it was the normal thing to do and nobody was questioned. A strange boat went toward the Arawak’s and they all swam out to take a closer look, once they saw that there were people they tried to trade everything that they had. They traded spears, parrots and balls of cotton for the goods that Columbus had. 2“They … brought us parrots, balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks’ bells. They willingly traded everything they owned …”.The progress from then till now is tremendous. Times now, we have to pay for everything we want and have, and we don’t just trade what we have with what other people have. 3“They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron, there spears are made of cane …” Progress today shows that in the 1400s everyone was not familiar with advanced weaponry. The Arawak men and women were not familiar with bearing arms or proper ways to make the weapons that they did know how to use. 4“The rest arrived live in Spain and were put up for sale by the archdeacon of the town …” In the 1400s it was legal to sell and purchase people like they were property. In this day and age it is illegal to do so. There are many different types of progress, and human progress is one of the most noticeable progresses.

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Progress is consisted of many things. Human progress being one of them, there are many aspects that are within human progress. Religion, beliefs, technology, language and thoughts are aspects of human progress. 5“Electricity is a modern wonder, but power stations have burnt too much CO2-producing coal.” Electricity is a modern wonder because in progress, it is a huge accomplishment because it made life easier. Without electricity there would be no machines that help to make all of our goods and help produce our foods and run our homes every day. Progress can also go as far as age. Many years ago people weren’t known to live a long life, nowadays people are said to live much longer. Statistically the average life expectancy is around 78 years of age. 6“For eons people lived to the age of just 25 or 30, and most parents could expect to mourn at least one of their children. Today people live to 65 and, in countries such as Japan and Canada, over 80; outside Africa, a child’s death is mercifully rare.” Statistically, the average life expectancy is around 78 years of age and these day if there is a death of a child, it is very tragic and very uncommon. 7“In much of the world, ordinary men and women can vote and find work, regardless of their race.” In the 1400s till about the 1950s women were not allowed to have a job, they were known to just do their own duties around the house. Also years ago, segregation was an outstanding issue in Western Civilization and African Americans were unable to work in many places, or vote. The human progress within this, shows how people have evolved to accept everyone’s differences. Another progress within humans is language. Many words now come from ancient terms of Greek, French and many other languages. 8“Take language: many 18th-century thinkers believed that superstition and past errors were imprinted in words. ‘Hysteria’, for example, comes from the Greek for ‘womb’ …” Many words will have originated from an originally different language from long ago. Language has progressed to make words easier to say, spell, and remember as time has gone on. Many things make up progress, and there are many ways that progress is shown, and without it nothing would have improved.

One of the most important progresses by man is technology. There is always the question about whether or not technology changed life for better or for the worse. Technology come with more than just cell phones and computers. Technology has helped with disease, hunger, increasing leisure time and eliminating poverty. 9“Technological advances improve people’s standard of living, increase leisure time, help eliminate poverty, and lead to a greater variety of products. Progress allows people more time to spend on higher level concerns such as character development, love, religion, and the perfection of one’s soul.” Technology has also helped people to become closer, and helped people become closer with who they really are. People are now closer with religions and love. Technology does make it easier to hear things such as news, and helps you research things such as health and religion and brings people to a better understanding. Technology has given everyone a chance to either make their lives better or worse. Those of the people who believe that technology has not made their lives better do not realize how much of an impact it has made, and do not realize how bad things could be without technology. 10“If people resisted technological change, they would be expressing their satisfaction with existing levels of disease, hunger, and privation. In addition, without experimentation and change, human existence would be boring; human fulfillment is dependent on novelty, surprise, and creativity.” Without technology, we would have a boring human existence, and we would not be able to experiment, and there would most likely be an increasing rate with disease. Technology helps us to experiment different drugs, allows us to research whether we can take certain things, eat certain things. It also allows us to communicate and be aware of things going on around us. Technology is a huge progress even from early western civilization.

In early Western Civilization, many aspects of progress were not even thought of. There were many diseases that weren’t able to be treated, but when technology came around, things like that became avoidable. We were also able to tell what was going on around us and be aware if we were in danger. Progress today included alarm systems, telephones, secure hospitals, advanced religion, women with higher paying jobs, health and medicine, clothing, weaponry and protection and much more. These are not only things that progressed through technology, but many other aspects tie into each one. None of this was able to be known or avoided in early Western Civilization, everything was just simple and done as they went. Without progress, things would not be as easy or avoidable as they are today. It was an outstanding part of evolution from the early Western Civilization time period. Human progress which involves technology, religion, beliefs, money, language ways of thinking and many other aspects makes the world the way it is today. Things may not always be as easy as we would like them, or may be harder than what we want but without progress life would be completely different as we know it.

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