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Depiction of Social Stratification in Animal Farm Novel

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All societies arrange their members in terms of superiority, inferiority and equality. The vertical scale of evaluation, this positioning of people in strata, or layers is called stratification. Social stratification is a natural and voluntary separation according to race, religion, social and economic condition. Social stratification lies at the marrow of society and of the field of sociology. Social inequality is a central view of nearly all social processes, and a person’s position in the stratification system is the most consistent predictor of his or her conduct, attitudes, and life opportunities. Social stratification links almost all facets of companionship together, and thus seeing what is happening to social stratification helps us understand a broad orbit of other alterations in guild. All societies treat people with certain characteristics differently from others; males/females, old/young, etc. This differential treatment leads to social inequality: Unequal sharing of societal resources; wealth, power, prestige, education, health, etc. Small societies have minor differences among them individuals while more complex societies have inequalities across categories. Some hierarchies effect individuals from the moment they are born. Throughout Animal Farm another theme emerges; the idea of inevitable class stratification can be stretched slightly to include the idea that although the animals’ lack of recognition about the verbal manipulation was genuine, that this was part of their characterization because of the opinion that the working class is unable, despite its seeming might, to climb out from under repressive leadership. The exploiting class in Animal Farm is generally sympathetically portrayed, but not all. As this thesis statement for Animal Farm by George Orwell suggests, these classes are guilty of being like sheep in terms of sticking with a leader and they rarely jump up or voice dissent despite the rising dominance of the slobs. True to George Orwell’s views on the working class, the animals except the pigs, of course are prone to following what they are told and although they have the right, both in strength and numbers, they are incredibly docile and obedient. It is also worth noting that despite efforts to teach them to read, many were unable to learn and so they could be taken advantage more often. One lesson in Animal Farm is when there is a murder on the farm committed by one creature against another, even if it was to settle out a possible traitor. Since there is a lack of education among the animals and the sense that they do not need to know anything beyond that which they’ve been told, they quickly forget that such a crime is an unforgivable offense once they are convinced they misunderstood the law in the first place. During this outcome, the reader is reminded in one of the important quotes from Animal Farm by George Orwell, “No animal shall kill any other animal without a reason”. The operating class, were interpreted by the majority of the animals, are proven to be at the lowest end of the spectrum throughout the film. By making them appear as such, Animal Farm seems to be making a statement about the societal structure as a whole. It is hard not to think of Karl Marx and other societal and economic theorists as the power center unfold and then break up, leaving the working class in its aftermath. It does not appear, nevertheless, that the Orwell wants us to feel particularly sorry for them throughout Animal Farm, but only to find out that they have brought ruin upon themselves as a consequence of their lack of enterprise and education. Equally we have witnessed throughout Animal Farm there are a act of conditions that go up that serve as allegories to past political or societal issues. The basic antagonism between the working class and capitalist is even more strongly emphasized by metaphors. For exemplar, the diversity of the animal class, like the operating class, is equally stressed by the differing personalities of the animals. Simply because all have been subjected to human rule does not imply they will play as a unified body once they hold over the farm. This observation backs up the statement made that Animal Farm is attempting to express the idea that this is something essential and inherent to the social stratification that occurs and that it was somehow unavoidable.

Karl Marx assigned industrial society two major and one minor classification: the bourgeoisie (capitalist class), petite bourgeoisie (small capitalist class), and proletariat (worker class). Marx arrived at these sections based on whether the “substance of production” such as manufacturing plants, machines, and tools are owned, and whether actors are employed. Capitalists are those who own the methods of production and employ others to act for them. Workers are those who do not possess the means of production, do not hire others, and therefore are forced to play for the capitalists. Small capitalists are those who own the means of production, but do not employ others. These include self-employed persons, like physicians, lawyers, and shopkeepers. According to Marx, smaller capitalists are only a transitional, minor class that is ultimately doomed to becoming members of the proletariat. Social stratification exists in America because the wealth and power belongs to a minor percentage of the population. Wealthy people have an enormous measure of ability over the political system and are maintained in high regard by our company. Thither is a universal notion that those who are wealthy and powerful are superior to the ordinary individual. Social stratification involves not only socioeconomic inequality, but the belief system held by people in America.A stratified society exists when there is an unequal distribution of wealth, power and prestige. In American society, political force and riches are not doled out evenly.

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