Depression: a Murderer of Today’s Generation

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Youth in the contemporary world are vulnerable and fragile. They are at a greater risk in struggling the life game, adversities and choices. Depression is inevitable in this phase wherein it’s agonizing, confusing, and disturbing. Youth are drain, lost, hopeless, and broken. It is relentlessly perceived throughout every segment of life which persists to amend the life and broaden immense deal of peril given that they are undergoing the utmost stressful stage. They wanted to escape from a messy life and the mere fact that they eaten by darkness. Youth are now living in “the world beyond expectations”. They strive hard to be perfect and flawless. They are trapped in the cycle of trying harder to be good, failing, getting downcast and giving up that leads to depression and may become alarming. Depression becomes a menace and life changing to the youth that leads to serious problems.​

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Depression is serious mental disarray in which a person is capable of being physically and emotionally wounded that interlude with everyday functioning to portray and respond normally. It is beyond loneliness and sadness. Stress, feeling of overwhelmed, battling for encouragement and low-esteem are often times associated in this state. Family problem, peer-pressure, school burden and discrimination are some crucial aspects that drive youth depression. Depression is known as a murderer of today’s generation. Youth are devastated by onslaughts of its immense impact leaving them helplessly. Due to depression, infliction and occurrence of negative emotional behavior and physical detriment is certain. It withdraws time and concentration afar from self. They may easily get entangled in temptation of “self-killing”. In order to end their sufferings and pain they choose to end their own lives. They are linked to substance dependence and abuse, runaways, and engaging to premarital sex. Wanting to get relieve of pain and escape for a while. Changes in behavior may also arise such as moodiness, irritation, and anger. Depression has the power to change the lifestyle, eating disorder and sleeping habit. There may be times when they feel unmarked, unknown and unseen. Youth may experience tension, fear and feelings of danger.

They tend to isolate theirselves away from family and social life. Struggling in silence and keeping problems. ​Therefore I conclude that depression is a severe matter that can trigger negative effects which can amend and control life of youth in every aspect. Since depression is inevitable in life we have to learn and discern how to handle and cope up with it. In order to prevent and avoid this life threatening illness one must produce sense of openness that will overshadow the threat and detriments. Draw deeply to people to aid advice such as family, friends and God to find joy, refreshment and strength. You need to be heard and conversations worth couldn’t be compared nor be equaled by anything.

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