Depression as One of the Most Important Issues Facing America Today

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Recent studies indicate Depression is one of the biggest mental health problems the U.S is facing. Some problems we are facing today can be self injury, drug abuse, reckless behavior, poor performance, and even suicide. Depressed is can be treated with talk therapy and medication.

Depression can be found in both men and women, but is mostly found in men in ages 40-60. There are multiple symptoms that can indicate one may have depression. One symptom can be significant weight loss when not dieting or weight gain and changes in appetite, people often use food to cope with their emotions and others may stop eating because they focus more on emotions rather than eating. Another symptom can be insomnia, this can be caused from over sleeping in the daytime or overthinking in the night. And finally depression can also lead to other mental illnesses such as, body dysmorphia in which one has obsessive focus on their body and flaws, social isolation or a lack of contact form society or certain individuals, and even certain anxiety disorder which is intense and often unrealistic state of fear.

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Depression is also found in teenagers, research from national surveys have shown that more than eleven percent of teens have depression from ages 13- 25 in the past year. This can be due to many reasons, For example body change can be a huge factor for depression, when a teen is going through puberty they face a lot of changes in their body that sometimes they can’t process it, so when their piers insult or bully them on their appearance it can trigger their can sadness and, mainly during puberty emotions are heightened which can lead to depression. Another factor can issues at home. When a child has home issues they tend not to be open or don’t speak up, this can be their parents are going through a divorce, abuse, and even being neglected. Lastly there have been multiple cases of children exceptionally young girls who feel insecure about their bodies due to social media and magazines, because they believe they don’t fit in the normal beauty standards that media shows they feel insecure in their bodies and in many cases comit suicide, more than 22 percent of American high school girls think about commiting suicide due to body dysmorphia.

Overuse of the internet can also cause depression. Teenagers who excessively use the internet are more than likely to grow up with depression or other disorders. Studies have proven that students who show signs of depression tend to use the Internet differently than those who don’t have any symptoms. One reason being can be people often spend so much time on screens that they often don’t interact with society or their surroundings. Also people spend time comparing themselves to the people they follow through the media, this can be a friend, celebrities, and even influencers or internet stars. People often like to keep up with other people’s lives because it distracts them from their own problems and they like to compare themselves to themselves. This lifestyle is not only toxic but also unrealistic to be thinking, celebrities are human just like us and aren’t perfect, what they post on the internet isn’t always true but rather what they want you to see Their are apps that can alter one’s appearance, and in some cases reconstruct your entire facial structure so you look completely unrecognisable to your true self. Loneliness in America has also been found to cause depression. For example there are 54 percent of Americans that believe they are forgotten or that nobody knows them. Also many adults    

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