"Describe Each of Your Family Members" Essay


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My father is a hardworking father among all, and he loves us soo much , he is the kind of person that you would wish to have. Because he will do everything in order for you to get happy, and he loves as soo much that he will do everything and sacrifice his life for us, he gaves everything we need financially, and all that we need. He filled all tha lackness that we had even before my mother left us, he is there for us and he really take good care for us. He loves us more than his self and he do all things for us, My father is also a provider, he provides all that we need financially, love, and the longingness of having a mother.

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He provides everything that we need in school or in the house. And he is hardworking because he gets up early in the morning to drive just to give us all we need, even though he is in pain or he doesn’t feel well. And he is also a loving father because he will not let her daughters to feel alone and to feel unlove. And my father is the kind of person even though he gives up as long as he sees his child he will rise up and stand still because he loves us soo much. And my eldest sister is very fat she eats a lot, lazy and very dumb person, but inside she has the purist heart you will see. Even though she’s to prank but she will say it because a true sister will tell you the truth even though your hurt as long as you get learn and understand what are your mistake is.

And she is the kind of person that you would love to because she talks a lot and and she is a good teller among us. My sister is a greedy sometimes and selfish in food because she gaves us a little of what she has eaten. She loves a lot of personality they are desame with my third sister, they keep on talking and murmuring all the time. But mostly of the time he gives all that he could ever give as long as she can. This person is next to me she is the third sibling because we were four. Her personality is a positive person and she smiles a lot. Even though a lot of problem we have encountered she will just smile and think it positively. And even though sometimes she is lazy, she doesn’t listen of what I have told her, but in the end she will make it.

And sometimes I discipline her because she makes a lot of wrong decisions and she didn’t follow what my father says. But then she is the most reliable person in the house because she thinks positive in all the problems we may encounter. The last person is my youngest sister, she is the most attentive and a good child even though she keeps on playing outside and forgot to go home. She is the person who you could rely on, she speaks a lot and a good singer. Even though sometimes she forgot to respect me and disobey my father. But in the end she will take it back and do good things. And my family member is the most happier person if we had each other and I am proud of to have them in me. Because no matter how hard as long as we keep on trusting one another and trust one another in different ability we have.

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