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In our mind, we often place ourselves in awkward situations and imagine how we are going to react to it. This thinking very often reaches a stage of obsession, and we end up having dreams about it. In those dreams, we see ourselves in those situations and see how badly we embarrass ourselves.

These situations can be anything from introducing your girlfriend to your parents to tripping while getting up on stage for a speech. In our mind, we try finding every possible scenario by which we can avoid such situations. It is like living hell for us. Every person has different fears in their mind. One will be surprised to know that even these fears are also governed by our zodiac signs. We will try enlightening our reader about each of the zodiac signs and their living hells.

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Aries: We all have come across situations in life where we are already late for work, and we end up getting more late because we have been pulled over for speeding your vehicle. That’s like living hell for Aries. Aries are very efficient when it comes to time management. They can do a lot of work in a short time because of their management skills.

Taurus: Taurus is generally very introvert in nature. They do not like to communicate a lot. So, it will be quite natural for a Taurus to get nervous while giving a speech on stage. They dread about that. They imagine themselves in a situation where they are on stage about to begin a speech, and they throw up; to make things even worse they end up tripping on it.

Gemini: Gemini is a very free-living soul. They don’t like to confine themselves in one place. They love travelling and meeting new people. However, they are very weak when it comes to standing up for them. They want to quit a job but don’t have a pair to do so. To make matters worse, they end up getting promoted at the job they hate. For a person who loves travelling, that can be living hell for sure.

Cancer: Cancer is also very introvert in nature and loves to be in their bubble wrap. They are not at all very social in nature. They have a tough time attending a family function. They dearly want to run away from that place but end up staying so that no one gets hurt for their behaviour.

Leo: These people love privacy in their life. When it comes to the relationship, the level of privacy skyrockets. They hate their partners when they boast about their relationship in front of everyone. When it comes to relationships Leo is very careful in every step; they want to make sure whether they are with the correct person or not and if someone makes the relationship public during that phase, they abhor that.

Virgo: Virgo is also a very free spirited person. They hate normal 9-5 jobs with that monotonous dress-code and dreams of some adventure even in their jobs. They are the free birds which sore high above the sky.

Libra: They are the most social person one will ever come across. Their heart stops if they do not find someone to talk to. Now, imagine a situation when the battery of the cell phone runs out, and there is no one with a charger. It can be similar to visiting hell for a Libra.

Scorpio: These people are not very emotional in nature. They expect their partner to be of a similar mindset. They dread of ending up in a relationship with someone who is very soft natured. That can be a hellish experience for a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: A Sagittarius suffers from OCD. They love to live in a clean place. They hate when their roommate is a dirtbag. They can’t stand to live with that person and very often ends up fighting with their roommate.

Capricorn: Every one of us has a fair share of failed relations. Now imagine a situation, where your ex-girlfriend meets with your present girlfriend and to makes thing even more horrible they end up becoming best of friends. Now, imagine all your dirty bedroom secrets coming out in front of your present girlfriend. That can be a traumatic experience. That is Capricorn’s living hell.

Aquarius: Imagine a scenario where your ex-girlfriend ends up with your best friend, and they end up getting married. To make that icing on the cake, your best friend invites you to be his best man.

Pisces: They have very low self-esteem. They always imagine people around them hate them. Now, imagine yourself in a room full of people who hates you, but you are not allowed to leave that room. You have to stay in that room and talk to those people without showing any emotions. That can be areallyn awkward situation one can say.

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