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Identity is described to be a socially and verifiably developed idea. We find out about our very own character and the character of others through cooperation with family, friends, associations, foundations, media and different associations we make in our regular day to day existence. Key aspects of identity—like sex, social class, age, sexual direction, race and ethnicity, religion, age and handicap—assume critical jobs in choosing how we comprehend and experience the world, just as creating the kinds of chances and difficulties we face. Social and cultural character is inseparably connected to issues of intensity, esteem frameworks, and belief system. The media utilizes portrayals—pictures, words, and characters or personae—to pass on explicit thoughts and qualities identified with culture and character in the public arena.

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Three core identities that impact my daily life is the color of my skin, my gender/sex and education. I am a black woman currently pursuing my bachelor's degree and with just being an African American it can hurt many abilities to succeed by underfunding public education, employment discrimination, the social safety net system and the criminal justice system. These things are what limits our skill acquisition and upward mobility. Being an African American has an impact on my everyday living. It contributes to determining my success, the way I live, what kind of job I can have and how much I can make. Not saying that being an African American doesn’t have its perks but because of the history of being an African American we are limited to what and how far we are able to go. Another core identity would be my gender/sex. Women are identified by their behavior and characteristics and in the Early Middle Ages were referred to simply within their traditional roles of maiden, wife, or widow. Women are seen to be gentle, have empathy and sensitivity, caring, sweet, compassion, tolerance, nurturance, deference, and succorance. Being a woman impacts my daily life in many ways but the most noticeable is being hyper-sexualized and objectified. This view is created from how women are shown on television and music videos. As soon as a woman gets any type of spotlight, she is automatically subject to criticism and sexism coming from both parties. Being a woman impacts my chances of being my own women and being taking serious because of the constant objectification in the media. My third core identity is education. Education is important, and everyone should work to guarantee that it is generally accessible. An appropriate educational framework can guarantee individuals in any ruined country approach both upward versatility and geopolitical strength. More significant levels of education can relate with a wide scope of positive results to include better wellbeing and prosperity, higher social trust, more noteworthy political intrigue, lower political negativity, and less threatening mentalities towards migrants. Education has a daily impact on my life because it allows me an opportunity to prosper in life and gain more knowledge in order to help the future.

Out of the three identities, I feel that being a woman has contributed mostly in my overall identity and I feel that regardless of my social context that’s my role in life. In earlier times, women were the center, not just for men and their children but for the entire community. I feel that because of the nature of our history, as a woman I will carry on that memory and feeling of a matriarchal coexistence regardless of the social situation I am in. My way of thinking and acting will revert to the characteristics given to me in order to create a solution to a problem. I feel that your social contexts do not create your feelings or way of thinking, but it is a way to influence the direction you go using your feelings and way of thinking. Being a woman and knowing my past helps me liberate from the social issues, which overtime forced images on me that does not add up to my true source of life. When thinking about the color of my skin, my gender/sex and education, I feel that these groups leads me to experience both privileges and inequalities in our society. Being a African American woman leads me to experience two worlds in one and the inequalities are higher than just being in one single group. For instance, straightforward life exercises are difficult to lead as an African American lady. Shopping in a store with the weight of being pursued or attempting to buy or even lease a home in a territory that is reasonable without the stresses of the shade of my skin are two examples of inequalities an African American woman faces. Seeking higher education as a African American black woman can help me create better opportunities for my kids and help to gain the knowledge in understanding a person or society as a whole.

Identity influences the way we think, it impacts our comprehension of self, it shapes our view of one another, directs our arrangements for activity; it is utilized to legitimize control, to set up open strategy and to sort out social change. Certainly, character forms don't work in seclusion, and we ought not overlook that financial, social, and political frameworks that are critical to the creation of imbalance. In any case, these bigger social procedures are themselves subordinate upon our remarkable capacity to name and label one another.

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