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In the play Tragedy of Macbeth, Shakespeare describes the characters by telling the reader how they appeared in the story. As the story plays along, Shakespeare describes first how Macbeth begins as a great guy but time tells how he changed. Lady Macbeth puts on a show because of King Duncan’s death She acts like she knows nothing to divert any suspicion even though she knows the truth. Macbeth is a drama play based on the brave Scottish general Macbeth, he gets prophecy’s from three of witches that one day he will become king of Scotland. Macbeth murders King Duncan and takes the Scottish crown of thrones for himself. He is then hit with guilt and paranoia. The most important theme of Macbeth is the destruction wrought when ambition goes not checked by moral constraints. The most powerful expression in the play there is two main characters .

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In act one Shakespeare describes how Macbeth knows that he would be in danger if he killed King Duncan, so he tried to blame it on the guards. That is why he killed them too. Macbeth states “we must leave our honors in these flattering streams and make of faces wizards to our hearts disguising what they are” . Macbeth knows it is unsafe for him, most people are finding things out because King Duncan’s sons are still running around and Fleance is not dead yet, so Fleance is saying things like how Macbeth killed King Duncan to become king. He is basically saying let’s get out of here until our names are out of people’s mouth’s. Fleance knows that Macbeth is not done killing yet, because Macbeth wants King Duncan’s kids dead. Macbeth reason for killing King Duncan’s kids is, because they could become King one day. Macbeth also wants them dead for the main fact of them telling the story of what happened to their father.

After Macbeth murdered King Duncan, the two sons, Malcolm and Donalbain, run away not to look guilty so no one would point fingers or call names on them for the death of their father. Macduff states “malcolm and Donalbain, the King’s two sons, are stolen away and feld, which puts upon them suspicion of the deed”. As the two sons run away, more guilt and suspicion is shown. Donalbain and Malcolm try running away to get away from the death so that they are not blamed for anything. The two sons Malcolm and Donalbain are willing to put up with the appearance of guilt, even if it means they’ll follow in their father’s footsteps and become king.

In act three Shakespeare describes why this text was created. This text was created to show that Macbeth has the appearance that he can kill people but in reality his conscience bothers him. Macbeth feels that no matter what has to take place or who he has to kill, he will do what it takes to become king and stay King. Macbeth has the confidence and the feel of power to kill anybody that he thinks will snitch or spread the word of who killed King Duncan. To stay King Macbeth has to kill all of King Duncan’s son if not the crown will be passed down. Macbeth states “ and with thy bloody and invisible hand,cancel and tear to pieces that great bond”. Macbeth is telling lady Macbeth that he will be innocent and hire somebody else to do his dirty work but this will end a Great bond. Macbeth begins to become big headed about killing other after murdering King Duncan. This all addresses the theme appearance and reality because Macbeth appears to be al big and kill everybody but in reality he’s hired someone to do his dirty work for him.

The theme of this story is never get to brave, because there’s always someone who is gonna know exactly what is going on. Someone like Malcolm and Donalbain will be running around telling everyone word for word what they have seen. This story also shows how someone may appear to be all good and they may be trusted but in reality they will stab their leader in the back just to be come the better one which in all actuality just makes everything worse on them, Macbeth was thought to be loyal to King Duncan but in reality all he cared about was becoming king. The reality of this story is no matter how much one person is trusted there’s always gonna be a down side, as this story ended Macbeth changed over time and went from the loyal person to the tragedy. Even though Macbeth became king for a few acts they people finally came together and found the story out, they all found for the guards did not kill King Duncan Macbeth did the guards were murder just so Macbeth was covered. This tragedy ended with Macbeth dying and King Duncan’s sons taking over little did Macbeth know he wasn’t gonna live forever. The witches prophecies built up Macbeth’s confidence and got him believing he would live forever, they told him he would not die until the forest moved and killed him. As the story plays on the forest moves but it is Malcolm and Donalbain and a bunch of army men coming to fight back for King Duncan’s crown. Macbeth did not quit fighting he fought until he died he gave it all he could. Lesson learned in this play never trust anyone their appearance can be totally different from the way they act in reality. 

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