Describing the Reasons Why I Am a Good Leader

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  • Connect
  • Innovate
  • Inspire
  • Role Model
  • Positive Attitude

Great leadership is the responsibility that leader has created a family, which leader takes care of. I would say that leader is the type of person that will look at your personality and he/she will use that to motivate you, for example, I really like the movie called “Blind Side”, it taught me that if you are a football coach, you should really get to know your players, the aspect of vision are supported by communication skills that make the vision understandable, precise , powerful and engaging. Five characteristics of great leaders:

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They listen carefully to the need of followers, it doesn’t matter you are high position or low position, they are all willing to help follower grow through personal challenges, is like coaching and mentoring thinking of contributions rather than a group as a whole. For example, I will recognize individuals’ efforts as well as performance and encourage followers to nominate your co-workers who helps you during the preparation and the event. I will make sure my teammates enjoy working with every team member and comfortable working in this environment at events. Especially, Selkirk College’s students are from different countries, our diversity culture is valuable, our learning styles, experiences and many other dimensions, each member has unique values. I should understand every individual background, their needs and build trust with followers, sometimes need to focus on their growth and development.


It is about encouraging creativity and fostering an atmosphere in which people feel compelled to think old problem in a new way and you are not afraid of failure. For example,

I will try to engage followers, normally leaders need to make final decision, but in this part, I think better let followers to give me some ideas, because leaders ideas not always the great idea or the best way to organize the event, it is easy to lead hierarchy situation, like Steve Jobs said “we have to be run by ideas, the best ideas have to win , otherwise good people don’t stay.”


Describing leaders who have high expectations and inspire others to achieve their full potential by showing passion, followers are willing to give their time and energy to do what they believe and share their vision, they know their effort will eventually pay off. For example,

Providing meaning and challenge to followers, I think I have a passion about doing this job, but sometimes I couldn’t tell you why I was doing it, that’s my challenge, and that’s our coworkers need to know, so I think I am responsible to build that concept to let them believe our job is not just hard working but also create successful environment to feel we are the best team, our jobs can create every guests enjoyable moment.

Role Model

Being a strong model who are respected admired and trusted, this is charisma, is like people see him or her, and they will say I like that person I want to be like him, I want to be like her, I want to be influenced by that type of person. For example,

We are social animals, if I am a good leader, people will look up to me, people can be encouraged by me, I have to be a moral standard, so relationships with coworkers is the key, leader is powerful to ask followers to do anything, but it doesn’t mean I can abuse that power and be a selfish leader. I have to constantly remind myself of this to avoid becoming such this type of person.

Positive Attitude

Great leadership requires positive attitude, and think of future most of time, they think about the opportunities of tomorrow rather than focusing on the problems of the past. For example,

I think the best way to be positive is try to think outside of the box, if something is not going well , such as it seems that we cannot finish on time for setting up, and time is running out, that’s really stressful, so dealing with that situation I always imagine that this event eventually will be successful no matter how hard is it, we can do it, because we have the best team in the world, and never give up.

They are important because comparing to the leadership depending on reward which you get paid you are given job description you do, but if we add those characteristics to that, it will produce the expected outcomes, for example if you add inspire feature, being that person that people excited about the vision, considering every individual really important, having great ideas and motivate people to move forward plus rewards leads to higher performance. 

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