Description and Analysis of 6 Inch Video by Beyonce

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Description And Analysis Of 6 Inch Video By Beyonce

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When the video for “6 Inch” plays, the audience is transported into a red-tinted night out with Beyonce. This is not a typical night out. Beyonce escorts the audience on her viewpoint of the night-life through lavish cars and ancient houses. This mid-tempo, deep bass song shows a different side of Beyonce. The video begins with the camera moving through a red-tinted hallway, slowly getting closer and closer to the red square light at the end, as the walls and floor of the hallway disappear into the darkness.

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Quickly, the camera changes to Beyonce, sitting elegantly, unaccompanied, in a black sleek limousine. She is driving down through the nightlife of the city, the unknown side of the city, the side you always hear about but never go. The audience gets to see Beyonce’s point of view, looking out of the black tinted windows to the sidewalks, viewing the different types of men on the streets. The streets are filled with buildings covered in neon lights, lighting up the whole city, as men of all shapes and colors stroll down the cement footpaths. The camera then takes the audience's point of view, wandering through an aged house, up a staircase, to a generous living room area filled with distressed sofas and walls. In the middle of the room stands Beyonce, asserting her power as she swings around a cord with a red light attached to the end, over her full head of frizzy hair. African American women sit on each couch, emotionless and lifeless, watching as Beyonce stands in the center, in a large, full gown, completely covered in black lace. As the video progresses, viewers witness Beyonce in a black lace leotard, with puffed out shoulders and heels, on a stage, enclosed in glass.

At the bridge of the song, we see Beyonce laying in her bed. She looks distressed, as she grabs her pillows and throws her face in her hands. The final scene of the song is the same view of the hallway from before, as we watch it catch into flames. It starts small, at the bottom of the walls, but the fire grows hastily, engulfing the walls into flames. Beyonce pops into the shot of the camera, as she walks away from the blazing walls, in a new leotard, this one covered in white lace with puffed cuffs and shoulders, white fabric trailing her from behind. “6 Inch” displays Beyonce’s more aggressive side, and takes the audience on a journey of reflecting both lust and vengeance. Out of all of the videos in the Lemonade visual album, this video especially pushed Beyonce to show her deviance. “6 Inch” takes all of Beyonce’s changing emotions, and puts it all together into one, women-empowering song. Starting with the title of the song, “6 Inch” is used literally to make her taller, giving her power and dominance, and used as a metaphor representing wealth and relevancy, something Beyonce has never stopped working and striving for. Lyrics play an important part of the video, as it shapes many ideas executed in the video. Beyonce speaks on the power women can have, and how hardworking she, and so many other women, are. Lyrics like, “She works for the money, she works for the money, from the start to the finish. And she worth every dollar, she worth every dollar, and she worth every minute” expresses her opinion on women in the workforce. She speaks efficaciously on women using their body to make money, and that it is something to be proud of. She speaks for women and the idea that they don’t need a man to get money. She truly believes that women can be powerful, independent, and professional.

The entire video has a red tint to it, representing the hell she has been living in as a woman being used or taken advantage of by the men in her life, but it also represents her evil side, wanting to destroy everything from the past and start anew. As she burns downs the rooms and walls of the house, Beyonce walks away, no regret on her face, nothing but power. The power to be in control of her body and her relationship. The fire embodies her burning down the infidelity, burning down her marriage, burning it down to nothing in order to start a new chapter of her existence. Although Beyonce acts as powerful as she can, she can only be strong for so long, which is where she breaks down, repeating “Come back,” over and over, becoming more and more vulnerable. She is letting down her guard and telling her husband that she needs him in her life, even after he cheated on her and even after she convinced herself that she could go on without him.

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