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Steve Jobs was an American entrepreneur, inventor, and designer. He was born on 24th February 1955 in San Francisco, California. San Francisco Bay area is where he was raised. His biological father was Abdulfattah Jandali and mother was Joanne Schieble. But he was adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs. In 1972, Steve Jobs attended Reed College. He dropped out of the college that same year. He traveled through India in 1974 and studying in Zen Buddhism. He was the co-founder, CEO, chairman of Apple Inc. He is the creator of iPod, iPhone and first Apple stores.

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According to Hofstede's Framework Steve Jobs personality type:

Most widely referred approach for analyzing differences among cultures was done in the late 1970s by Greet Hofstede. So how was Steve Job according to this approach is described below-

Power distance:

Power distance describes the degree to which people of a country accepts that unequally distributed power in organizations or institution. As being an American Steve Jobs never concerned about power distance. America scored low at 40 on power distance. In the movie, we have seen Steve Jobs never bothered about power equality or inequality. But yes he used to seek power. But he didn't want anything that can create a high power distance. He wanted to accomplish his work perfectly but never tried to dominate anyone with the power he had.

Individualism versus Collectivism:

Individualism is the degree to which people want and like to act as an individual and believes in an individual's rights above all else. America scored high at 91 on Individualism. But as we have seen in the movie Steve wasn’t that much individualist. Steve worked in a team and we couldn't find anything much he preferred to work individually. In one scene we saw that his colleague was saying 'Tomorrow is a big day for you.' But Steve replied, 'For us!”- with a smile. He was an aggressive person but he didn’t work alone. He was bossy by the way! But Steve would not have succeeded without many people who loved him, helped him and stuck with him. Steve.

Masculinity versus femininity:

America scored 62 on masculinity. From the internet, we came to know that in Steve's work he hardly involved any women. He worked with males much. In the movie, we have seen he worked mostly with men and never involve any woman in decision making. Being an American where society discriminates much Steve got that personality. There was no femininity. There was no equality between men and women.

Uncertainty avoidance:

The degree to which people of a country like and prefer structured over unstructured situations defines their uncertainty avoidance. Americans have low uncertainty avoidance. They scored 26 on uncertainty avoidance. Steve also scored low in uncertainty avoidance. In the movie we have seen he failed many times, got fired but he didn’t stop. He accepts that. He accepts his failure and tried to do better. He believed his ideas. He was self-confident. He didn't run away from any difficult situations. He faced them. But yes in 1 or 2 situations we saw him avoiding the situation. He didn’t accept his 1st child. He just avoided the situation. But we can give him a score high on uncertainty avoidance.

Long-term versus short-term orientation:

This measures or calculates a society’s devotion to traditional values and people in a culture with this look to the future and value tradition. In short-term orientation, people value now. They also accept change easily. Steve was an American. American people scored 26 on long-term orientation. Steve also scored low on this. He used to accept changes from an early age. He needed to check the result of his work immediately. He cared about his present. He didn't want to wait long to get the result of his work. Instead, he worked hard to make his work perfect. So he scored low on long-term orientation and scored high on short-term orientation.

Holland’s typology

According to Hollands typology of personality and congruent occupations Steve Jobs personality typeEnterprisingAfter watching the full movie and considering all of the information we got from the internet and all our

founding about his personality we can say that he was 'Enterprising'. Enterprising people like or prefer verbal activities in which there are opportunities to influence others and attain power. These type of people are generally self-confident, ambitious, domineering and energetic. Steve Jobs was self-confident. He used to believe in himself. He never loses hope after being failed. He used his innovative ideas to get succeed. He was bossy also. He used to dominate his coworkers. In the movie, we saw he fired his best programmer because Steve thought the programmer didn’t value his vision. He was much domineering. He always tried to make everyone work perfectly by scolding them. But if he didn’t do so they might be not successful. He was much ambitious. He dreamed big. He gave his best to make his dream come true. He wanted to be a successful and recognized person. This type of people is the best suit as leaders. So, we can say he was the enterprising type of people.

We can say that Steve Jobs personality helped him much to become successful in life. Now we the people from the different country of the world know him. He died on 5th October 2011 at the age of 56 at Palo Alto, California. He is known all over the world as the inventor of the well-recognized company 'Apple'.

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