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Designing a Task Strategy for Depressed Individuals

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With reference to the TARGET principle, a detailed plan is needed to produce positive outcomes and results for depressed individuals. Designing a task strategy for depressed individuals to engaged themselves would be most appropriate. Some strategies would be to engage them in an aerobic physical activity that includes a social support group of participants and instructors who are mentally strong and psychologically well-developed. Examples for this exercise intervention would be to introduce 20 to 30 minutes of walking for 3 to 5 times a week. This enables the depressed individual to be surrounded by an atmosphere that is mostly pragmatic and worthwhile.

On the other hand, this method provides an equal balance of exercise and social support at the same time. This strongly applies to extrinsic motivation more than intrinsic motivation. By doing this, enables depressed individuals to develop and improve their social cognitive skills for themselves. With regards to that method, an authority for the individual is needed for them to received opportunities to develop a sense of personal control and independence. Though it may be hard at first with underlying emotions going through their mind, this will lead to an improvement in their self-determination in making choices of their own. Furthermore, this will lead to them to feel control of their leisure behavior and it may lead to them having a sense of willfulness.

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Moving forward, recognition plays a huge role into improving a person suffering from depression. Some examples would be, to focus on an individual’s progress and improvements during the process instead of the outcomes. Those participants and instructors mentioned, they would be the backbone of this method. In view of that reason, instructors and participants who are psychologically strong will definitely provide positive recognitions to the depressed individual during the process. Thus, with frequent feedbacks comes with greater and improved results. A grouping method would be to allow that individual to explore the environment of the program. Some examples would be to exhibit more social interactions with different participants in the social support group. Moreover, this leads to a strong social connection amongst themselves. During the process, another beneficial method would be to evaluate that individual.

Some examples would be to develop modifications and adjustments to respond to the individual’s fluctuation’s mood, ability to concentrate in an activity, or even side effects to the program. An alternative would be to assign a participant from the program to serve as a primary contact to monitor and coordinate interventions for the depressed individual. Additionally, by applying the time principle into this program will be substantial for the depressed individual. Furthermore, scheduling pleasurable activities amongst the individuals in the program would be most beneficial. Not only is this program designed to introduce aerobic activity, but also to encourage social interaction amongst each other. Some examples would be to organize outings such as camping, going out to dinner together or even other leisure activities that the individual is most comfortable with.


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