Destructive Virus and Heroes from Modern Reality


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Jake Smith Mr. Little Apocalyptic film2/5/18 I am legend The opening scene of I am legend really shows you many diverse shots as cameras go over the sunken city of New York. The city is in complete shambles and they do a great job with showing a destroyed place where it looks as if no life is there. You can tell the director used a lot of grey and dark tones to symbolize death. As the opening scene goes on they show you places all around New York that has been abandoned and truly it’s a sad sight to look at. It gives you a lonely and upset vibe when looking at all the different camera angles of the broken city. I think one of the best shots in the whole movie was in the beginning when its a over head shot of the car is just driving down the street. When I saw that for the first time I couldn’t wait for Will Smith do start kicking ass. Another cool ass part is when Will Smith gets into the mustang and drives after the deer and is trying to get food for him and his dog.

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Moving on into the movie, when the movie jumps back to where everyone is alive and trying to leave some of the camera angles were amazing and made you feel like you were trying to leave too. Will dressed in a military uniform and he is trying to stay in New York on his own in order to try to stop the virus as he is a military doctor. As the movie goes on Will puts his son and wife into the helicopter and that’s all you see for a while, the scene was showing a flashback which was a nice transition slide. The dream scene is interrupted by Will waking to once again face his lonely reality. When he wakes up from his dream he goes down stairs and starts making breakfast for him and Sam his dog, the scene is beautiful and it seems as if it was just a normal day. We see Will go down to his laboratory in his basement where he is working on a cure to save New york, one thing I questioned is why is he trying to make a cure when everyone is already turned into monsters and no one is even their in the city? Maybe he wants to turn the monsters back into humans and try to rebuild the broken city of New york because its “his cite”. As we see Will trying to make a cure he is testing the different vaccines on a bunch of mice. All the mice act really aggressive except for one. Will makes note of the one mouse and we see the specific vaccine is ready for human trials. I love the next scene in the movie where he is talking to the mannequins as if they were real and he had contact with them, it showed that life by yourself with no human contact can make someone a little crazy. He later visits some apartments nearby, searching for supplies and Will comes to a room surrounded by plastic wrap and another room with two baby cribs. We see the pain in his eyes as he can empathises with the loss of loved ones. This scene really torn at my heartstrings as I could never bare to lose my child and wife s he did. After everyday of looting for supplies he goes to the waterfront to send a message to any survivors on a F.M. radio. The terrifying scene with Sam running into the dark house with all the infected really scared me because I thought he was going to die.

Through the whole scene I was praying they both would come out alive as they did. Soon afterwards, Will sets a trap to catch one of the infected. He succeeds and takes the captured female infected home to his lab. He tries the vaccine that made the mouse less aggressive, but it fails and the infected died. He revives her with a shot and the scene is brought back to calmness. During the night the infected set the same trap he set up for them the other day. Will is caught by the trap and hits his head which makes him pass out. When he finally wakes up, hanging upside down and bleeding. This is showing the great deal of suspense that the director put all thought this film. Sam is waiting for him and Will cuts himself free finally just as the night turns, but he falls on his knife and impales his leg. The infected leader then appears with infected dogs who attack Will, but Sam defends him, He looks over to see Sam on the ground from a bite wound and picks her up and lays her in the car. Will in the position he was in puts Sam in his arms and Sam slowly starts to turn into a infected. You see the distort in Wills eyes when he had to kill his only love one he had left. In peer rage Will went to the docks and found the infected and made run at them with his car, the infected got to him but luckily for Will another survivor saved him. As we see Will wake up on his couch he in very confused by how he was saved, in that scene I truly don’t think Will wanted to be saved and i feel as if it was a suicide attempt. Later that evening, Will realizes that the infected are attacking the house. The previous night they had followed Anna back when she rescued him.

Although Wills home defenses are amazing, a lot of the infected make their way into the home and Will, Anna, and Ethan are forced to go to the lab. In this last scene we can see Will take a new look on life, he isn’t worried about “his cite” anymore he’s worried about the people who saved him. We can see how much love he has in his soul when the infected are breaking into the lab and he sticks Anna and Ethan into the safety room, as the infected are breaking in and we see Will Pull that pin on the grenda we know this is the final time we will see him. As Will blows up all the infected Anna and Ethan finally make it to the colonie and are safe. I was very happy with this movie and i felt that watching it a third time really shows you some details that you don’t catch the first or second time watching it, it’s a true story of love and when life isn’t going your way you cant give up and you must fight.

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